Bethlehem Globe
Wednesday, September 2, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Speculating on Steel Team
The management of the Bethlehem Steel has announced that the coterie of local celebrities to invade Boston on Saturday for an exhibition game will number a man for each berth and one reserve. This reserve will be a player who can fit in at most any position and be available in the event of illness or some other emergency. Fans are speculating on what players will comprise the makeup of the Steel booters for the first game. This will probably be decided at the close of today for this afternoon a practice tilt was staged with teams selected from among the team. Having no official advice or the least intimation from authoritative sources a change guess will probably see the team line up with Carson, goal; the Fergusons, Jock and Dave, fullbacks; MacGregor, Carnihan and McDonald halfbacks; Stark, center forward; Granger and Purvis, inside forwards, and Malcolm Goldie and Georgie Forrest, outside forwards. The acquisition of other new men, if any were made, might prompt the management to press all the newcomers in action for a close-up on their ability. With the above lineup the Steel Workers would have a veteran organization to tackle the Hubmen.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club