The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 5, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Giants or Hakoah?
Scanning the names of the players who represented the New York Giants in the exhibition game against Bethlehem on Sunday, one wonders if the team sporting the Gotham colors is really the Giants or the Hakoah outfit in disguise. Fabian, the sensational goalie of last season's Hakoah team and the most talked of player in Jewish football, was between the uprights for the revamped Giant team. That explains the reason why the New Yorkers were willing to let an ace of the caliber of Johnny Geudert go, for in addition to Fabian it is understood the New Yorkers have Jimmy Douglas, former Newark goalie, also under contract. However, in leaving Geudert go the Giants apparently sought color rather than merit, for comparing ability Geudert's work in the goal has been quite phenomenal. Fabian is not the only former Hakoah player enrolled with the Giants for the coming season, as evident by the names of Tandler, Herd, Guttman, Greunwald, and others in the lineup.

Setting the Pace
It seems as though Bethlehem and Fall River will again set the pace when the American Soccer League season is opened next Sunday, if the outcome of the many exhibition games is a criterion of the galloping these two heated soccer rivals will do when they engage in league contest. Bethlehem has played five exhibition games, won four and tied one. The Steelmen's wins included victories over All-Stars of Hamilton; United Ulster, of Toronto; Brooklyn Wanderers twice and New York Giants. Fall River has played as many if not one or two more games than Bethlehem and has been successful in copping all but one. The exception was a tie game played with J & P Coats last Saturday, a team which Fall River defeated by the close score of 3 to 2 on Sunday. Judging by the scores, the American League will this year present one of the best balanced loops ever.

Scoring Possibilities Increased
There is little doubt that with the new men available to play with the veterans on the Bethlehem forward line, the scoring possibilities of the team will be materially increased. That much has already been worked out in the exhibition games to date. McConnell, a newcomer, and already heralded by many as one of the season's finds, has proven his ability to locate the net and promises to be a source of keen concern to all the goalies in the American League. Goldie and Jaap have also shown aptitude to locate the net and have contributed to the markers notched in the exhibition tilts. Tom Gillespie is not expected to be available to the team until late in September but when the dashing center forward of last year does take his place, there will be one more threat on the Bethlehem front line.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club