The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, September 6, 1924
Booming Interest in Boston

No detail is overlooked by the management of the new Boston professional soccer club, member of the American Soccer League, putting across the game on a big scale. The game is in a developing stage among the schools in Boston, the same as in practically every other city, and to create interest in favor of the big professional club the management has voluntarily offered the services of the players to officiate as coaches as the various schools Since most all games are played over the weekend and many of the players do not see permanent employment during the soccer season, this is possible. It is understood that the offer has been submitted tot he public school authorities and that action will shortly be taken. This plan is similar to that announced by the local management in which players of the Bethlehem Steel team will respond with advice to any of the clubs in the Lehigh Valley Soccer League or clubs not affiliated with the circuit.

Soccer to Make its Debut
One week from today soccer enthusiasts will have their long pent up craving satisfied when the soccer season is officially ushered in on the Bethlehem Steel field. The Bethlehem Steel team, which had its initial start in an exhibition game at Boston last Saturday afternoon, will meet the Philadelphia F. C. in the opening American League game. While the local team to date is practically intact with the lineup of last season, the same does not go for the other members of the American League. Realizing the strong opposition to be encountered during the coming season managers have carefully combed the country and have even gone abroad in signing the cream of the soccer talent. The professional end of the sport has developed in leaps since last season and the few exhibition games that have been already played indicate that there is no club which stands out exclusively supreme, such as the Bethlehem Steel teams of years ago.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club