Bethlehem Globe
Monday, September 7, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Dropped Two But Don't Mean Anything
The Bethlehem Steel soccer team returned from a disastrous weekend exhibition jaunt, dropping a game to Boston on Saturday and another to Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon. The defeats, however, don't mean anything inasmuch as soccer laurels are concerned, for both were exhibition affairs and planned to experiment before the final selection of the team. In both games the new acquisitions -- Purvis, Cameron and Allan -- were given a tryout. For the latter two it was their first appearance with the Steel Workers, having by their late arrival been deprived of the opportunity of a single practice. Boston opposed the Steel Workers with the lineup of veterans intact and with several prior games under their belt. On the other hand, it was the Steel Workers' first appearance for the season. The battle in the American Soccer League race starts next Saturday. Bethlehem is drawn to meet Indiana Flooring in the opening fracas here and on Sunday will journey to Newark.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club