The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, September 7, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Pop Went the Lid
Soccer broke in on the summer sports on Monday afternoon, headed for a most strenuous league and cup season. Two teams comprising players of the Bethlehem Steel F. C. engaged in battle and gave the thousand or more patrons an excellent afternoon of entertainment. Most encouraging probably was the turn out of local fans. As a rule, an exhibition fails to prove an alluring incentive. In that event the reception given the players in their first home appearance augurs well for the season, when opposition will be deep dyed rivals of the Bethlehem clan.

Not to be Beaten
In the quota of new players signed with the Bethlehem club the halfback department was practically given the go-by. Andy Hankine is the only new man signed. Charlie Horning, a local boy, was given a trial and although a bit crude in his performance, is a willing worker and teamed up with the Steel veterans, gives promise of developing into a good player. Tom Raeside is another halfback, signed last season and ready at any time to jump into a game. As for the regular halfbacks -- Carnihan, MacGregor and McDonald -- the management need not in the least concern itself. The halfback line is therefore well balanced.

Scrambel for Forward Berths
A scramble for the forward berths is imminent. This much was emphatically evident in that practice tilt on Monday afternoon. And we say "thanks" that the task of discriminating in the choice does not rest on our shoulders. Two complete sets are available, either choice quite capable of playing the game. Of the new forwards, Gillespie and Smith, particularly the latter, impressed the most. This duo comprise a formidable right wing. Whyte, a former Brooklyn player, also looked very good at center forward. In addition to this trio, the choice must be made with concern to Stark, selected as the outstanding player in the American Soccer League last season, Johnny Roll, Malcolm Goldie, the veteran Johnny Granger, who looked to be very much on his game, Johnny Jaap, Jim Purvis and Arthur Robertson. It's a weighty job to pick the best quintet. Fortunately, there are double headers when players can alternate in position. The substitution rule is going to prove to good advantage in giving them all a chance.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club