The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Thursday, September 8, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Fans Perk Up
From the New York Times of today's issue: "It was announced yesterday that Charles A. Stoneham, president of the New York Giants, would make a statement this noon in regard to soccer. Reports have been circulated among close followers of soccer recently to the effect that the Indiana Flooring team of the American Soccer League has changed hands and that all its home games are to be played at the Polo Grounds. The season will open on Saturday. Along with this report, men closely identified with the kicking game have been saying that it is their understanding that the Flooring team has changed ownership and that along with the policy of the new owners, who have not been identified, a plan of wide expansion has been adopted. Whether the Giants' president has bought Indiana Flooring or whether he even contemplates leasing the Polo Grounds to that team regardless of any rumored change of ownership, is unknown. Indiana Flooring is one of the three Greater New York teams in the American League, the senior professional circuit in the country. The others are the Brooklyn Wanderers and the New York Soccer giants." The association of men like Stoneham and probably other major league baseball magnates in the sport can mean but one thing, and that is cognizance of the growth of the popularity of soccer. Crowds of five and six thousand and even more are no long record-breaking attendances.

Ball Parks Big Investments
Major league ball parks represent big investments and after the baseball season and a short spell in Fall when some of the parks are leased out for professional football, there is no income to take care of the vast overhead during the winter months. The parks lie idle. Soccer is a game that is played through the entire winter, regardless of weather conditions and if at all possible. Heavy snow sometimes forces a postponement but not often for usually a pitch is cleared off in a day or two. It is surprising that owners of big ball parks have not taken to soccer prior to this time. Any little revenue derived would help take care of the overhead. New York clubs have been sadly in want of parks for soccer purposes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club