The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, September 9, 1926
All Teams in Big Eastern Circuit Scheduled for Coming Weekend

Several innovations will be tried this season, principally the use of goal judges, substitutions, and penalty periods meted out to players guilty of misconduct on the field of play. Goal judges will act as timekeeper for the penalty periods. When a player is ordered off the field he will proceed at once to the back of his own goal where the goal judge will notify him at the expiration of his expulsion period, to return to the game.

Two substitutions are allowed up to within 15 minutes of time up. It is understood, of course, that when a player is order off the field for a penalty period, no substitutions will be allowed. Also when a player is taken out of the game or forced to retire owing to injury, he cannot resume in the same game. Once a player is taken out he is out for the remainder of the game.

Schedule of Games
Games scheduled for this weekend are:

Springfield vs. Fall River. Referee: James Kirkland.
Boston vs. Providence. Referee, R. Majura.
New Bedford vs. Giants at New Bedford. Referee, A. White.
J & P Coats vs. Indiana Flooring at Pawtucket. Referee, W. Norse.
Philadelphia vs. Newark at Philadelphia. Referee, D. Oates.

Indiana Flooring vs. Springfield at New York. Referee C. Creighton
Brooklyn vs. Philadelphia at Brooklyn. Referee, M. Bloom.
Fall River vs. Boston at Tiverton. Referee, Fred Odell.
Newark vs. Bethlehem at Newark. Referee, J . Coutts
Providence vs. New Bedford at Providence. Referee, S. Quinn.
All games start at 3 p.m.

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