The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, September 9, 1927
Steel Team and New Bedford Are Opponents That Can Supply Thrills

Bethlehem Steel soccer team vs. New Bedford F. C.

That is the layout for the inaugural of the American Soccer League in Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon, when two of the strongest elevens in the circuit line up for the kickoff at 3 o'clock on Lehigh Field, formerly the Bethlehem Steel athletic field.

Dave Edwards Abroad

The lineup as announced today will see a majority of the veterans back in their old positions; players who carried the team through last season to the American Soccer League championship. Dave Edwards, brilliant goalie, is still in Scotland, but is expected to join the club before the end of the month. While local fans have a wealth of confidence in the ability of Edwards to handle the fast ones, they by no means underestimate the ability of Bobby Geudert, former New York Giant, who will be seen between the uprights on Saturday afternoon.

For the back positions the veteran and dashing Billy Allen, thoroughly recovered from a leg injury sustained last season, will be at his old post at left fullback. McMeekin, one of the new acquisitions this year and a player who comes to Bethlehem fresh from first division soccer in Scotland, will be at right full.

Patrons will welcome the announcement for the halfback line which will include the celebrated trio of McDonald, Carnihan, and Captain MacGregor, a halfback line recognized superior to any in big league soccer.

Should Carnihan be forced to remain idle, because of an injury, the strength of the halfback line would not be in the least weakened for the club has a star in reserve in Middle Reid, a strapping big Irish player who proved his merit after he came here from Philadelphia and played the latter part of the season. If Reid is idle on Saturday he is certain to be at a halfback position against Brooklyn on Sunday.

Tom Gillespie, last year's center is with Edwards abroad and not expected to join the club before the end of the month. Gillespie is a favorite with local fans but so are the forwards the management has assigned for duty on the home field on Saturday.

McConnell to Play

James McConnell, a center forward, thorough in every detail the position calls for, will play the pivot position. It will be McConnell's first home appearance with the Bethlehem team.

Johnny Jaap, outside, and Archie Stark, inside, will make up the right wing, while the diminutive Rollo and Goldie will do their stuff on the left side.

The lineup of the clubs follows:

Bethlehem -- New Bedford
Geudert -- G -- Steele
McMeekin -- RFB -- McMillan
Allen -- LFB -- Hunter
McDonald -- RHB -- Maxwell
Carnihan -- CHB -- Montgomer Carnihan -- CHB -- Montgomery
MacGregor -- LHB -- Lorimer
Jaap -- OR -- Chedzoy
Stark -- IR -- Ballantyne
McConnell -- CF -- Stevens
Rollo -- IL -- McLeavy
Goldie -- OL -- Best

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club