The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 10, 1923
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Jock Ferguson Back in the Fold
Jock Ferguson, one of the most popular soccer players who ever sported the colors of the Bethlehem Club, is back in the fold, so they say, and the coming season will again campaign with a team of his first love. Gossip has it that Jock was in Bethlehem on Saturday and that in the evening he attached his signature to a Bethlehem form. With Ferguson again with the Bethlehems the defense strength of the team will probably be increased 100 percent. That is, of course, if Jock can still handle the position in the same capable manner in which he played with Bethlehem and later with J & P Coats. Ferguson was one of the players who left for other climes at the close of the season before last and with Whitey Fleming, the crack wing man, joined the clan representing J & P Coats, the team that came through for the American League last season. Ferguson's leaving was probably more keenly felt than that of any other player and the local management was not a bit backward in letting this be known. Among those on the inside it was whispered that Jock was not very comfortable in his new berth and it was hinted long before the close of last season that the coming year he would again be back in Bethlehem.

Laud Former Bethlehemites at Fall River
Members of the Bethlehem F. C. who at the close of last season elected to play elsewhere and who have been accorded a most welcome reception are Finlay Kerr, Dougald Campbell, two regulars with the Steel Workers last season. They abandoned the local club to become members of the Fall River squad, captained by Harold Brittan, also a one time Bethlehem player. That both are considered valuable adjuncts to the Fall River team is gleaned in the following reference: "In Finley Kerr and Dougald Campbell, of the Bethlehems, the Whaling Town representatives have made captures for both of these men are the best in their positions when right and they will undoubtedly help their new club to many a victory."


Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club