The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, September 12, 1927
Game With New Bedford Saturday Left Team in Poor Shape of Sunday in N. Y.

Playing brilliantly to defeat New Bedford in the opening American Soccer League game here on Saturday afternoon by the score of 2 to 1, the Bethlehem Steel soccer Club, league champions, went down to their worst league defeat ever in Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon, losing by the score of 5 to 0. It was the first Brooklyn victory over the Steelmen in a good many season.

The terrific pace under a broiling sun on Saturday afternoon had sapped their strength and this was plainly evident after the first half in the Brooklyn game, when the team seemed to completely collapse. Brooklyn had the Steelmen one up at the end of the first half and rolled this total of goals to five in the second half.

Saturday Game

A very encouraging attendance characterized the opening game on the former Steel field, Saturday and after Mayor James M. Yeakle kicked off the first ball the spectators were treated to thrills galore. Conditions were ideal for the spectators but probably a bit warm for the players. In spite of the warmth of the day the affray was carried at full tilt from the start to the closing whistle.

There were a few defects noticeable in the manipulation of both soccer machines certain to be expected for an opening league game, but on the whole the fans were treated to a brilliant performance of soccer. While the Steelmen held the upper hand for more than half of the contest, New Bedford was always dangerous and rallied with more than one threatening breakaway.

The defense of both teams was severely tested. For Bethlehem Bobby Geudert, the former New York Giant, made himself quite popular with the local clientele. Only for his coolness under fire, one time especially when in practically the same instance he handled two headers. New Bedford would have undoubtedly notched more than one tally.

On the other hand Steel, the visitors’ custodian, too, handled cleverly but was fortunate on more than one occasion when inaccuracy on the part of the Bethlehem forwards, aided him materially in holding the champions to two goals.

With the opening whistle Bethlehem did the pressing and continued the attack for all of fifteen minutes before the efforts were productive. Movement after movement was initiated before McConnell crashed through the goal. Cleverly trapping the ball in midfield, Stark advanced toward the visitor net and in doing so drew the defense close to meet him. In a flash he slipped the ball up center to McConnell, who was in position to meet it and then with a rifle shot drive skimming over the ground, landed the sphere in the far corner, well out of the reach of Geudert.

The success of Bethlehem inspired New Bedford to greater effort and from then on the ball frequently alternated from one end of the field to the center. Ten minutes after Bethlehem had scored the visitors equalized and in doing so probably caught the champions napping. IN fact the count was equalized before the fans really knew what it was all about.

The second half found the champions much the better team and likewise several decisions by Referee Scott which seemed questionable and to the disadvantage of the local players. One was a decision on what seemed deliberate handling in the penalty area and others in calling offside, were not favorably received by the fans.

On the kickoff New Bedford advanced toward the Bethlehem net but the attack was readily checked when Allan cleared. Within three minutes after the restart a pretty piece of soccer negotiated by Goldie and Jaap paved the way for the winning goal.

McMillan’s miskick in his effort to clear proved fatal to the visitors. Goldie gained possession and flashed down the wing, cutting in as if to take the shot himself. His feint had the desired result for Jaap was left uncovered when Goldie whipped a perfect pass across the goal mouth, the former touching it into the net with his head.

Bethlehem Steel – New Bedford
Geudert – G -- Steele
Allan – RFB -- McMillan
McMeekin – LFB -- Hunter
McDonald – LHB -- Maxwell
Reid – CHB -- Montgomery
MacGregor – LHB -- Lorimer
Jaap – OR -- Chedzoy
Stark – IR -- Ballantyne
McConnell – CF – Stevens
Rollo – IL -- McLeavy
Goldie – OL -- Best
Goals – McConnell, Jaap, Stevens. Referee – Scott. Linesmen – Carpenter and Williams. Time of halves – 45 minutes.

Brooklyn Surprises

Idle on Saturday the Wanderers strong and fresh were cheered on to victory by a crowd of five thousand enthusiasts when they played their league inaugural with Bethlehem on Sunday afternoon. With the exception of one change in the lineup, Granger replacing Rollo at inside left, the Bethlehem team to face Brooklyn was the same that waged a bitter battle against New Bedford the day previous. Granger was hardly fit, owing to injury and at the end of the first half was forced to retire and needed medical attention. Rollo replaced him at the position.

The champions were outplayed and the defeat was a stunning one for them.

Brooklyn led at half time by 1 goal to 0. Davy Robertson started the fireworks when he scored direct from a foul awarded against Allan after twenty minutes of play. It was a great goal and he got a big hand from the crowd.

The second goal came after five minutes play in the second half when Reid, of Bethlehem, fouled Adair as the latter was about to score. From the penalty kick, Robertson again scored, and Brooklyn was 2 up. With two goals ahead, the Brooklyn players kept pegging away and Bethlehem’s goal was always besieged. Occasionally the Bethlehem team would break away, but McMillan and Gross were in excellent form and kept their goal intact, with some brilliant stops by Smith to boot.

The third goal was well taken by Adair when he netted the ball from Yule’s pass after twenty-five minutes of play. This goal brought the crowd to its feet. Billy Adair was trying his best to make it five goals and after five more minutes of the most exciting football he scored a fourth goal when he managed, with the assistance of Allan, of Bethlehem, to get the ball into the net again, from a pass by Curtis.

Continuing to have the upper hand, the Brooklyn team never let up, and Bethlehem’s goalkeeper had kept busy until the final whistle, but before the game ended Brooklyn made a fifth goal when Eisenhoffer netted the ball with a great shot, after some nice work by Adair and Nelson.

Brooklyn – Bethlehem
Smith – G -- Geudert
Gross – RFB -- McMeekin
McMillan – LFB -- Allan
Robertson – RHB -- McDonald
Drucker – CHB -- Reid
Morris – LHB -- MacGregor
Adair – OR -- Jaap
Curtis – IR -- Stark
Nelson – CF -- McConnell
Eisenhoffer – IL – Granger
Yule – OL -- Goldie
Substitution – Bethlehem: Rollo for Granger. Goals – Brooklyn Wanderers: Robertson 2, Adair 2, Eisenhoffer. Referee: C. Creighton. Linesmen: G. […] and G. Storr. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club