The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 14, 1925
After Being Held by Indiana Flooring Saturday to a Tie Locals

Bethlehem Steel F. C., in inaugurating the American Soccer League season displayed class event though held to a scoreless draw in a game with Indiana Flooring on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon which was followed by a decisive and brilliant victory over the Newark F. C., at the latter place on Sunday by the score of six goals to none.

The game on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon was probably one of the most exciting and brilliant exhibitions ever witnessed for an opening contest. In spite of the trying conditions, a merciless sun beating down on the twenty-two dribbling opponents the ninety minutes of play were fast and exciting.

Standing out head and shoulders over any of those players who took part was Brown, the Indiana goalie. Soccer fans have witnessed sensational guarding of this custodian in previous games on the Steel lot but never before a performance to equal that of his Saturday display. From all angles, fast, slow, curving and with every ingenuity at the command of the Steel Workers' forwards were rained at home but not one penetrated the sacred citadel of the New York floormakers' goal. His work was nothing less than uncanny and frequently inspired the plaudits of the home town fans.

In spite of playing several new men in the lineup the Bethlehem machine worked with the machine-like precision characteristic of Bethlehem teams of previous years. In the first half the Steel Workers were over their opponents as completely as could be but despite their continual pressing and the many shots that were well directed they were unable to penetrate the net.

A victory for Bethlehem seemed inevitable but yet it did not come. One movement after another was initiated and in many instances the ball seemingly taken to the very mouth of the net but Brown, fearless in his work, was there to save them and he did it in most sensational manner.

The teams turned around with the game still anybody's but after that first half the Bethlehem booters were certain that the Indiana goalie could not continue to thwart the efforts of the Bethlehem forwards. His work, however, seemed to inspire his teammates to greater effort for in the second half the visitors gave a better account of themselves, several times coming within an ace of stealing the game. Twice in the early minutes after the restart Carson, with a brilliant effort and once Allen, who looked very good as a back, in preventing scoring were forced to concede corners but neither one materialized. Inspired with the near success the Floor Makers again experienced a movement that carried the ball up the field with lightening rapidity, Carson coming out to take the ball away from Bob Millar.

Forward movements from then on became more and more conspicuous, one in particular in which Goldie tricking the backs carried the ball up the field and then crossed directly in front of the goal mouth. Before Brown could clear on the play he frustrated shots from Stark, Rollo and Cameron. With the minutes fast waning Bethlehem became more determined and with but thirty seconds more to go a score again seemed inevitable when Referee Coutts detected McIntosh handling in the penalty area and awarded Bethlehem the penalty. Rollo took the kick. Brown was set to stop it but this time it was fortune that smiled on the visiting goalie for the shot was well out of his reach but too high. The ball struck underneath the crossbar and rebounded into the playing field. It had hardly been cleared when time was up and the game resulted in a scoreless tie. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Indiana Flooring
Carson -- G -- Brown
Reid -- RFB -- Levine
Allan -- LFB -- McIntosh
McDonald -- RHB -- Gallagher
Carnihan -- CHB -- Terris
MacGregor -- LHB -- Cameron
Cameron -- OR -- McClure
Granger -- IR -- Sehylander
Stark -- CF -- Carlson
Rollo -- IL -- Millar
Goldie -- OL -- McGhee
Referee -- Coutts. Linesmen - -Renzulli, Indiana Flooring; Forrest, Bethlehem Steel. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Swamp Newark in Sabbath Game

With a lineup re-arranged over that of Saturday, the Steel Workers went about to get some of the many goals that were frustrated in their home game on Saturday and registered a 6 to 0 victory over Newark F. C. before a crowd of three thousand spectators on the latter's field.

In this game Bethlehem was not to be denied, in spite of excellent work in goal by Howitt. Stark and Goldie were the only two forwards of Saturday's game to start against the Jerseyites, the front line showing an entire new right wing in Forrest and Purvis with Robertson replacing Rollo at inside left. "Bob" Terris made his debut for the first time in many months at left halfback replacing MacGregor while Ferguson replaced Reid as a back.

With the combination materially altered the change did not in the least seem to affect the teamwork witnessed in Bethlehem on Saturday and with no Brown in goal the Bethlehem clan lost little time in annexing the victory. The Steel Workers were aggressive and for the most were hovering around the Newark goal. Howitt was doing some mighty fine work but after twenty minutes of play was forced to concede a counter when Goldie sent across a beautiful pass, snapped up by Purvis who completely beat Howitt with his shot. About two minutes later Forrest ran in from the right wing doing a pretty solo effort which ended with the ball in the net. That was the score at the end of the first half.

After the restart Bethlehem monopolized the play even more than during the start of the game. They pressed almost continuously and had to break up the play. It was not long before Robertson and Goldie had each notched a counter and then before the final whistle Georgie Forrest crashed in two more, making his total for the day three goals. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Newark
Carson -- G -- Howitt
Ferguson -- RFB -- Nesmith
Allan -- LFB -- Johnson
McDonald -- RHB -- McLood
Carnihan -- CHB -- Kelly
Terris --LHB -- Nicol
Forrest -- OR -- Sundberg
Purvis -- IR -- Lawther
Stark -- CF -- Robertson
Robertson -- IL -- Kirby
Goldie -- OL -- Allan
Referee -- Coutts. Linesmen -- J. Cation and G. Easton. Goals -- Bethlehem: Forrest 3; Robertson, Purvis and Goldie. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club