The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, September 14, 1926
Benefit Game Was Played Labor Day -- Boys to Play 22 Soccer Games

The Soccer Booster Club met Monday night at the Yo Eddie Club rooms. Partial reports on the Labor Day game were made, and present indications are that the club will be in a position to hand over about $300 to the swimming pool fund. Final returns will be made within the next few days and exact figures made public.

22 Soccer Games For Boys

The caps for the boys have been ordered. Due to the fact that there will be twenty-two games during the season, it was decided to procure a better quality than at first contemplated. This cap will cost the boys twenty five cents, so that the pro rata admission will run a little over a penny per game with a chance on a soccer ball thrown in.

The Fall River game on Saturday will be "Carnihan Day." His picture will appear in the paper later in the week and all that is necessary for a boy to have a chance on the soccer ball is for him to cut out the picture, write his name and address on it and present it at the gate. It will also be necessary for the boy to have one of the caps which w ill be on sale at the gate. At half time the lucky picture will be drawn and Carnihan will make the presentation of the ball to the fortunate boy.

The National cup will be placed on display at various stores in the city this week. The next meeting of the Booster Club will be held at the Yo Eddie club rooms on Tuesday, September 24.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club