The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 15, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

New Soccer Players Favorably Impress
One could readily glean why Archie Stark was the leading individual scorer in the American Soccer League race last season after seeing the newcomer to the Bethlehem ranks in action against the Philadelphia F. C. on Saturday afternoon. Of course, it is conceded that the Philadelphians presented weak opposition but nevertheless the ability of Stark was very pronounced in his accurate placing of the ball in the net when the opportunity for scoring was presented. Stark is one of the few forwards who do not trust to luck in his final parting, but seemed cool and deliberate in placing it beyond the reach of the goalie. His addition should prove a material asset in the race for the honors this season.

The First Real Test
The Bethlehem F. C. opened its American League soccer season on Saturday afternoon in a most impressive manner. However the game could hardly be conceded as a test of merit for the opposition presented by the Philadelphians was such that does not augur well for the Quakers, unless many changes are made in the visitors' lineup. To be perfectly frank it is doubtful if the Philadelphians can continue against the opposition of other league teams this season. Bethlehem's first real test will be forthcoming next weekend when the Steel Workers will invade the New England states for a brace of games. The first clash will be at Providence on Saturday afternoon against Sam Fletcher's newly organized league club. Following this setto Bethlehem will journey to Boston to meet the Hub professionals. Suffice it to say that in an exhibition game recently the Hub dribblers looked like a million against the Bethlehem team and then the surprising feature of the exhibition season was the victory of Providence over Boston the day after Boston had defeated Bethlehem by a score of 3 to 1. If Bethlehem can survive the test in these two games visions of local championship honors will loom more brightly on the horizon.

Little Soccer Here Until After Football Season
Although soccer got a start on the local football season, games at home between now and the later part of November when collegiate and scholastic football will thrive are few and far between. The schedule, as in the past, is again arranged to avoid conflict of the big soccer tilts with the big football classics. If enthusiasm is a criterion of success soccer is going over big for as evidenced at the game on Saturday the players were frequently showered with plaudits in spite of the one-sided affair. The attendance was not what it might have been but this can be accounted for by the fact that the Philadelphians do not present the attractive features of some of the stronger clubs. When Fall River, Providence, Boston, Indiana Flooring and one or two other of the league teams comer here, the Steel park should be crowded to capacity. Against these teams Bethlehem is not going to make a runaway game of the tilt.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club