The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, September 16, 1924
Corner Kicks

Eleven of the twelve clubs were active in American League competition over the weekend and of these four came through without a defeat. However, some of the clubs were scheduled for two games. Newark was the only club that was not scheduled for a game over the weekend.

Fall River, National champions and league winners last season, are again riding at the top of the circuit with Bethlehem, Boston, and Indiana Flooring, of New York, following close in the wake. Fall River is heading the league by virtue of having played one game more than either of the contenders and having won both. The result of the games played over the weekend follows:


Bethlehem 7; Phillies 1.
Fleisher 3; Brooklyn 0.
Fall River 3; Coats 2.
Boston 2; Providence 1.


Fall River 4; Coats 0.
Indiana Flooring 5; Fleisher 3.
Brooklyn 2; National Giants 1.
Bedford 0; Providence 2.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club