The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Friday, September 16, 1927
Aggressive Soccer Player to Be at Center Half in Game Against Coats

Another banner crowd is expected when the Bethlehem Steel soccer team meets J & P Coats, of Pawtucket, R. I., on Lehigh field on Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock in an American Soccer League game.

Although many of the home players are on the injured list, the Steelmen will field a formidable team with the lineup practically the same as the one which defeated New Bedford here last Saturday.

“Bill” Carnihan, dashing center half, and “Jim” Barrie, a fullback, have recovered from injuries and if needed would be fit to start. However, the management plans to give both players a thorough rest and in all likelihood both will be idle.

Reid at Center Half

For Carnihan’s position at center half the club has a star in Willie Reid, the aggressive Irish booter, who starred in that position against New Bedford. In Barrie’s place at fullback will be seen McMeekin, a newcomer to the club this year and a player who make a favorable impression in the opening league game.

The Threadmakers boast of a fast and tricky forward line but are certain to meet one just as fast and tricky in the Bethlehem forwards. McConnell will gain be at center forward with Johnny Jaap and Archie Stark comprising the right wing. Johnny Rollo will play inside left, with Goldie on the outside wing.

Coats comes to Bethlehem as an undefeated team in the league campaigning thus far this season. The Threadmakers won their opening league tilt last Saturday and in the percentage table stand higher than the home team, at the present time. The probable lineup will be:

Bethlehem – J. & P. Coats
Geudert – G -- Kerr
Allan – RFB -- Stevenson
McMeekin – LFB -- Martin
McDonald – RHB -- Thomson
Reid – CHB -- McIntosh
MacGregor – LHB -- McAvoy
Jaap – OR -- Harvey
Stark – IR – Reid
McConnell – CF -- Barlow
Rollo – IL -- Adams
Goldie – OL -- Sweeney
Referee: Thomas Cunningham

The complete weekend league schedule follows:


New Bedford vs. N. Y. Nationals at New Bedford. Referee; George Lambie.
Boston vs. Newark, at Boston. Referee: J. Stirrup.
N. Y. Giants vs. Brooklyn at Starlight Park, N. Y. Referee: Charles Creighton.
Bethlehem vs. J & P Coats, at Bethlehem. Referee: Tom Cunningham.
Philadelphia vs. Fall River, at Philadelphia. Referee: James Walders.


Hartford vs. Newark, at Manchester, Conn. Referee: A. Hart.
Brooklyn vs. Fall River, at Brooklyn. Referee: Thomas Dempsey.
Providence vs. N. Y. Nationals, at Providence. Referee: R. Carroll.
N. Y. Giants vs. J & P Coats at Starlight Park, N. Y. Referee: C. Stott.

Important Meeting

An important meeting of the American Soccer League will be held in New York on Saturday night. At this meeting it is likely that the New York Nationals will protest the eligibility of Stevenson, the Providence goalie, and also ask that the Providence victory be thrown out and the game ordered replayed.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club