The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, September 17, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Cup Champions After Bethlehem's Scalp
While ethically the game will no doubt be conducted to run truly to sportsmanship form it will not in the least be the less bitter. Meaning when the Bethlehem Steel F. C. and Boston F. C. go to the barrier for their ninety minute grueling grind on Saturday afternoon, Boston has an ax to grind and is coming to Bethlehem to sharpen the tool. The humiliation of never having been able to cope with the Steel Workers on the field of battle has had a tendency to inspire a little tinge of heated rivalry and it is in the hope of soothing this attitude that the Bostonians will be guests in this city on Saturday. Briefly summarizing the league campaigning of last season the Hubmen, undisputed cup champions and an honor garnered by eliminating the league champions Fall River team, Boston has yet to score its first victory over the Steel Workers. Identically the same as last year the Steel Workers went to Boston two weeks ago for an exhibition game and were licked. Again the same as last year the trip was more or less of experimental nature in which new players were given a trial while the Hubmen at that time had their regular outfit practically intact. But when the league season opened last year and Boston and Bethlehem locked horns in a game that counted materially in the championship race, the Hubmen found an entirely different Bethlehem team. Of the four league games played last year Bethlehem won two and drew in two, grabbing six of the eight points available in these games. Unfortunately Bethlehem did not get a chance at the Hubmen in the American Soccer League cup classic for the Steel Workers were eliminated in a hectic game before reaching the closing rounds. It's going to be a game well worth witnessing, Boston battling to avenge a grievance and Bethlehem to continue with an edge on the cup champions.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club