The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Friday, September 18, 1914 -- page 8
Word has been received that Tacony expects to arrive in Bethlehem early Saturday morning and that it will be at full strength also that four new Canadian stars have arrived and will be in their line-up and their new tam man for man is considered much stronger than the team that played Bethlehem in the final last season. The Bethlehems officials fully realize the strength of Tacony and have used every effort to get the Bethlehems boys in shape. The game of soccer originated in Great Britain in the early '70s, and consists in putting the soccer football through its opponent's goal as many times as possible during two playing periods of forty-five minutes each. The player may kick the football with the toe, heel, or knee; punt it with head; or breast it, but must not touch it in any manner or form with hands or arms. In a soccer game the moment a player starts for his opponent's goal he is confronted with eleven sturdy players, who are just as determined as he is that the football shall not be put through that goal. He cannot trip his opponent, nor can he hack, jump nor push him, with his hands. Should he do any of these plays he will be promptly reminded by the "knight of the whistle" who will penalize his team by granting a free kick. In soccer the referee is king of all he surveys, and his work is law on the field, without questioning. In soccer it does not matter whether the player weighs 130 pounds or 180 pounds; the team has a place for him. Brains not beef, count; science, and not brute force. There is nothing mechanical about the game of soccer. During the play there is variety and excitement, something different in the style of play every minute, scientific control of the ball, coupled with scientific combination of the players. One moment the ball is shot from the left wing to the right wing, from right wing to center, then presto! it is safe in the net, beyond the reach of the goalkeeper. One of the principal factors which have contributed largely to the popularity of soccer is the fact that not only is the ball practically "in play" form the start of the game to the finish, but that the movement of the ball are speedy and cover such a large area of the playing field. In soccer there are no mass plays, no line-ups, no scrimmages in fact, there are no time-killers, and the spectator is favored with one continuous performance.
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club