The Globe – South Bethlehem
September 21, 1914 – page 1
Bethlehem, 5; Tacony, 1.
The Bethlehems champion opened the local soccer season yesterday with a win over Tacony F. C. by the score of 4-1. The game attracted an unusually large crowd there being nearly a thousand spectators when both teams came on the field at 3:15 p.m. Referee George Young, Philadelphia, officiated and his decisions during the game showed that he was on the job all the time, the result being a hard and fast game with rough play entirely eliminated. Tacony lost the toss and had to face a strong sun in the first half, play soon became very fast and exciting but defense on both sides showed up well. Bethlehems forwards, however, began to press and Tacony’s goal had several narrow escapes, Hughes clearing in good style. Burroughs, Tacony’s outside right, missed an easy chance of putting his team in the lead when he shot wide from five yards out. Millar delighted with some fine footwork and later the Bethlehems forwards on a pass from Campbell to Ford who passed to Clarke the latter seeing Fleming standing unworked passed to Whitey and the old reliable planted the ball in the corner of the net thus putting Bethlehems in the lead after twenty-two minutes hard and fast playing. This reverse made Tacony go at it stronger and some fine football was witnessed during the next fifteen minutes. Millar broke through on his own and drawing the goalkeeper out gently put the ball in the net making the score 2-0. A few minutes after this half time was called . On the restart Tacony set a fast pace and the ball was in Bethlehems’ territory time and again, however, the pressure was soon returned, Campbell and Murray playing brilliantly on the half-back line and feeding their forwards in fine style and time and again breaking up the Tacony forwards combination. Scaife in goal had very little to do owing to the sound defense of Toole and Peacock. Tacony kept up a fast pace and the ball traveled up and down the field with great rapidity. Rogers, the Tacony center-half recently obtained from Canada played a good game but was not on a par with Campbell, the Bethlehems center-half. Falconer also played a good steady game for Tacony while Hughes in goal made many remarkable saves. Clarke, Bethlehems’ new center forward, kept his front line going in fine style during the second half and registered two more goals for Bethlehems while Ford also added one during this period and Whitey missed at least three more chances. Ford played a good hard game at outside right and should have had at least one more goal to his credit, Hughes making a remarkable save of a low hard shot which really was over the line at least a foot but the referee, failed to see it and the goalkeeper pushed it around thepost for a corner. The line-up:

Henry Disston F. C. – Bethlehems
Hughes – G -- Scaife
Boyle – R.F. -- Toole
Faulkner – L.F. -- Peacock
Kirkpatrick R.H.B. -- Stewart
Rogers – C -- Campbell
Mathews – L.H.B. -- Murray
Burroughs – O.R. -- Ford
Houison – I.R. -- Galbraith
Anderson – C.F. -- Clarke
McEwan – I.R. -- Millar
Rae – O.L. – Fleming

Goals – Clarke 2, Fleming, Millar, Ford, Mathews. Referee – George Young, Philadelphia. Linesmen – J. Nicholson, Bethlehem, and Williamson, Philadelphia. Time of halves – 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club