The Globe – South Bethlehem
Friday, September 22, 1916 – page 9
Bethlehem Steel and West Hudson Will Clash in Initial Contest.

Soccer fans of the Bethlehems and vicinity are promised a meritorious opening game tomorrow when the famous West Hudson team, Newark, and Bethlehem Steel, champion of the United States, clash. Both teams will have new members in their line-ups, many of whom are among the leading soccer stars of the country.

Bob Miller considered the classiest forward in the country will play against his old teammates. Barr of last season’s Scottish American team and Ellicot, Brooklyn Celtic, Allen the new center forward from the Pittsburgh district will also assist West Hudson tomorrow.

For the local team the new men are: Ratican, center forward, from St. Louis; Kirkpatrick, second right half of last season’s Disston team, and Chadweck from New Bedford will partner Tony Fleming.

James Walder, Philadelphia will referee. The game will start at 3:15 p.m.

Probable lineup of both teams: --

Bethlehem Steel – West Hudson
Duncan – Goal -- Esplin
Fletcher – R. F. B. -- Barr
Ferguson – L. F. B. -- Lennox
Kirkpatrick – R. H. B. -- Shont
Campbell – C. H. B. -- Ellicot
Morrison (Capt.) – L. H. B. -- Wenst
McKelvey – O. R. -- Mills
Pepper – I. R. -- Seegal
Ratican – C. F. -- Allen
Chadurk – I. L. -- Brown
Fleming – O. L. -- Miller
Reserves – Reserves Butler -- Stona
Forrest – Evans
. . . -- Unsworth
… -- Smyth

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club