The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 22, 1924
Game on Sunday at Providence, R. I., Lost 4 to 1 and Saturday's


Saturday's Games

Boston F. C. 2, Bethlehem F. C. 2.
J. P. Coats 2, Brooklyn F. C. 2.
Fleisher Yarn 2, Philadelphia F. C. 1.

Sunday Games

Providence F. C. 4, Bethlehem F. C. 1.
Fall River F. C. [...], Brooklyn F. C. 0.
Indiana Flooring 4, New York Giants 3.

The Bethlehem Steel team in its first away from home game in the American Soccer League played over the weekend did not fare any too well, drawing with Boston on Saturday and on Sunday losing to Providence by the score of 4 goals to 1.

Boston 2, Bethlehem 2

Bethlehem and Boston battled to a two-goal draw on Saturday afternoon. Boston jumped into the lead in the first two minutes when Ballantyne took advantage of a misunderstanding between the backs and scored from close range.

This put the Steel Workers in a battle right from the start and the brand of soccer displayed from then on was entirely different from that witnessed in an exhibition game at Boston two weeks ago. Play changed from one end of the field to the other with lightening rapidity. Bethlehem finally assumed the upper hand and fifteen minutes before the end of the half Stark took advantage of a slow back pass from Harris to Abel. Stark sneaked before Able got the ball and then walked in and scored the goal.

Play was fast and furious and evenly divided until the end of the first half, neither team being able to add to the score. The second half was only four minutes underway when Boston again jumped into the lead, Stevens scoring on a cross from the right wing. Carson had no chance with the shot. That made the Steel Workers again play an uphill battle and they went to it with great determination. The Steel Workers trailed along on the short end for twenty minutes during which time they did most of the attacking. Finally Archie Stark got possession and with a fine individual effort tied the score. Each team played hard in striving for the winning goal, but no more counters materialized. Stark made a great individual effort and had gone clean through when he was brought down six yards from goal.

Providence 4, Bethlehem 1

On Sunday at Providence, Providence fielded a fresh team against Bethlehem which was in a grueling battled on Saturday and that in itself tells the story. The score does not in any way represent the run of the game. Nevertheless Bethlehem lacked the punch when chances were offered.

Bethlehem was weak on defense and, in fact, all of the players showed signs of the day previous grind, the team taking the field with only one change at which Cameron replaced Rollo at inside left.

In the first half Providence quickly got into the lead, three goals accruing in short order. In spite of the fact that Bethlehem was in the vicinity of the Providence goal no less than three-quarters of the game, they could not profit by this advantage. Shots were rained at the goalie from all angles and had it remained for the latter to frustrate the Bethlehem efforts many counters would undoubtedly have resulted. However, the Providence backs were very much in evidence, heading and kicking the ball away from the goal in clearing.

There was little to choose in the second half until about twenty minutes of the finish when the Steel Workers seemed to wilt. The pace began to tell and for fifteen minutes Providence got in a lot of work in the vicinity of Bethlehem's goal, but good defensive work frustrated all efforts to score. Five minutes from time Bethlehem made a belated effort, but chances were thrown away. Grainger missed a goal four yards out with the goalkeeper completely out of goal. The final whistle was a welcome sound to the tired Bethlehem players.

The scores:

Boston -- Bethlehem
Patterson -- G -- Carson
Abel -- RFB -- Young
McArthur -- LFB -- Ferguson
Harris -- RHB -- MacGregor
Hamill -- CHB -- Carnihan
Muirhead -- LHB -- Robertson
McNab -- OR -- Maxwell
W. Ballantyne -- IR -- Grainger
Stevens -- CF -- Stark
J. Ballantyne -- IL -- Rollo
Fleming -- OL -- Goldie
Time: two 45-minute halves. Referee, George Lambie, Newton. Goal scorer: Stark 2, J. Ballantyne and Stevens.

Providence -- Bethlehem
Ross -- G -- Carson
Fletcher -- RFB -- Ferguson
Carroll -- LFB -- Young
Aulds -- RHB -- MacGregor
Neilson -- CHB -- Carnihan
Cooper -- LHB -- Robertson
Beattie -- OR -- Maxwell
Renfrew -- CF -- Stark
Blair -- IL - -Cameron
Best -- OL -- Goldie
Abdullah -- IR -- Grainger
Goals: Blair 2, Best 1, Renfrew 1, Robertson 1. Referee, Ritchie. Time: 45 minute halves.

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