The Globe – South Bethlehem
Monday, September 23, 1912
Bethlehem, 3; Cardington, 0.
Before the largest crowd that ever witnessed a soccer game in the Bethlehems, the local team on Saturday defeated the Allied Amateur Cup holders to the tune of 3-0, in a fine exhibition game of football on Lehigh field. The field was in good condition and the weather was ideal for the spectators. The Cardington team was the first to appear on the field for initial practice, and were given a warm reception. The Bethlehem team quickly followed, appearing in its new uniforms. The home team was given a rousing cheer as it stepped on the field. Both teams made good use of the little time allowed to warm up. Exactly at 3:10, Referee Lyal called the teams together, and gave them the usual lecture. Galbreath, losing the toss, Lance kicked off for Bethlehem on scheduled time. With the sun in its eyes, the local team started out in spirited style to win, as the defeat in the final game of the Allied Cup, last season, was still in the players’ minds. The game was fast and interesting, the ball traveling from end to end at a lively clip, both goalkeepers having plenty of work, the teams were trying hard for the opening goal. Ten minutes from the start, Fleming beat Jackson with a fine shot that went skimming into the net amidst loud cheers. This put more life into the game as Cardington was trying hard to draw level, and only the fine goalkeeping of Love prevented it. Several times Cardington seemed certain to score, but the Bethlehem goalkeeper was in great form. The crowd showed its appreciation of this good work, time and again applauding him. Both teams were playing hard at this stage, Lance got the ball and the whole forwards [ . . . ] down the field, the ball finally [ . . . ] out to Fleming who dashed through the defense and making no mistake [ . . . ]the ball into the corner of the net amidst great excitement, giving Bethlehem its second goal. This was a fine oblique shot, which completely surprised the goalkeeper, and Fleming, known as “Blondy” received full [ . . . ] from the throng. Half time arrived with the score Bethlehem 2, Cardington 0. On resuming, the Cardington team put more dash into its work, and the local backs were given plenty to do to keep the enemy from scoring. The defense was playing good, making some fine kicks and using good judgement with their heads. As the second half wore on, it was evident that both teams were tiring as the pace slowed up somewhat, and the fans began to ask the players to get one more which they readily responded to. Lewis receiving a pass dashed through the defense and shot a beautiful goal, the goalkeeper having no chance whatever of saving this, put the crowd on its feet again, and some began to leave the field, assured the Bethlehem would not be beaten. The final whistle sounded with the score: Bethlehem 3, Cardington 0.

As a whole the team played well and should improve as the season advances. While the goalkeeper and fullbacks played well, “Blondy” was easily the star of the game, time and again getting the crowd going with his acrobatic movements. The entire team should be given credit as it gave a fine exhibition of football. The local teams hopes to have Lehigh on its schedule before the end of the present season. The line-up:

Cardington. – Position – Bethlehem.
J. H. Jackson – goal -- Love
H. Jackson – right fullback – Bone
E. F. Jackson – left fullback -- McKinnon
McMason – right halfback – Stewart
[ . . .} Jackson – center halfback -- Carvey
McKenden {?}– left halfback -- Leonard
Dondienuy {?}– outside right -- Galbraith
A. Jackson – inside right – Lewis
S . . .rt – center forward -- Lance
Hall – inside left -- Lawson
Lapham {?} – outside left – Fleming Linesmen – Parkinson and H. W. Trend. Goals – Fleming 2, Lewis. Referee – Taylor {?} Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club