The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 24, 1923
Blues of Steel Team Run Away With Reds Saturday Winning 4 to 1

Although staged as an exhibition and practice affair one could hardly distinguish the soccer hostilities on the Bethlehem Steel athletic field on Saturday afternoon as being anything other than an actual conflict. Bethlehem has the talent and judging by the performance on Saturday afternoon there are going to be some laurels coming to the Steel City at the close of the season.

With the exception of Neil Turner the Blues had included in their lineup all the new men signed this season together with some of the more recent acquisitions who joined the local clan last year. The Reds had with them such veterans as Fletcher, Ferguson, Fred Pepper, Jimmy Easton and Billy Forrest, players who acquitted themselves in a creditable manner.

The new combination worked with a smoothness and precision that indicates big things for the team this season. Pitted against a clan of players who showed with the characteristic "never-die spirit" of former championship teams the Blues or probably more appropriate the majority of the regulars, for a time had their hands full but their apparent superior knowledge of football, speed and cleverness carried them through for a 4 to 1 victory. Not, however, without a battle.

Of the new men Alec Jackson, an eighteen year sold youngster strongly impressed and his work ranked with the best ever seen on the local field. Tow of the goals came as a result of his work. . A third goal he barely missed.

W. Jackson, the new center forward, also showed very favorably and revealed that in succeeding Dan McNiven at that position, the management made no mistake in letting the big fellow go. Probably one of his best executions and displays of speed was witnessed when he carried the ball fully forty yards, with a determination that beat out such veterans as Ferguson and Fletcher, who closed in on him and later Highfield, who was playing in goal, sending the ball crashing into the net with unerring accuracy and terrific speed.

The right wing of the Reds, Rattray and Neil Turner, the latter a newcomer to the ranks, gave a beautiful exhibition, and the latter especially indicated that he is going to be a very valuable player. The match, if nothing else, revealed two outside rights who can cope if not excel with the best in the country. The lineup:

Blues (4) Blues (1)
Carson G Highfield
Young RFB Fletcher
D. Ferguson LFB J. Ferguson
McFarlane RHB Murray
Carnihan CHB Raeside
Terris LHB Pepper
A. Jackson OR Turner
Maxwell IR Rattray
W. Jackson CF Easton
Robertson IL Grainger
Goldie OL Forrest
Goals A. Jackson, 2; W. Jackson, Goldie, Turner. Referee Williams. Time of haves, 35 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club