The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, September 24, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

American Soccer Not To Be Snubbed
On the other side of the pond not much is thought of soccer in this country and referred to more or less as a game that is still in its infancy stage. Star players of first division clubs who have invaded these shores have formed an entirely different opinion and are sincere and modest enough to admit that their English, Irish or Scotch brethren on the other side of the ocean are laboring under a false delusion. Perhaps the Americans are not as yet as finished and clever in manipulating the ball but what they lack in this respect is the remarkable stamina and rush, characteristic of American sports, which is injected into the play on this side of the pond. And one has no less authority for this than Tommy Muirhead, one of the finest big leaguers ever turned out in Europe, playing center halfback with the Boston Club and another player Hamil, of international fame, playing on the same club. After the Bethlehem-Boston game on Saturday both of these players were quite modest in confessing that the pace carried for ninety minutes was the most grueling in their career and apparently when such famed players as both of these deliberately kicked the ball out of bounds their tactics substantiated the sincerity of these remarks.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club