The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, September 24, 1926
Former Stars to Rest in Preparation for Sunday's Game With Brooklyn

As intimated earlier in the week, the team the Bethlehem F. C. will field against Newark in the American Soccer League game on the Bethlehem Fabricators' field, will be the initial introduction of many of the new players to the home fans.

With this in mind the management in submitting the lineup today includes every new acquisition and a team that would hardly be recognized as the one which brought national honors to Bethlehem last year.

However, it is wisely arranged and will undoubtedly be approved by the fans. The charges made are practically forced due to the hard bill over the weekend and are made without weakening the team in the least. The fans have heard about the goal scoring ability of Gillespie, an outside right, and in the opening practice game marveled at the clever manipulating of the ball by Ed Smith, an inside forward. They are also anxious to see George Forrest, a former popular Bethlehem player in action. Stark and Goldie will be the only veterans on the front line.

Most outstanding in the arrangement of the team is a complete change in the halfback line Carnihan, MacGregor and McDonald will enjoy a day of rest to be at their best when the team opposes Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon. The halfbacks will include Tom Raeside, Andy Rankin and Arthur Robertson.

Bill Allen, the veteran fullback, will also enjoy a day of rest as will Dave Eadie, the Canadian back, who has paired off with Allen in the three league games played to date. Old Jock Ferguson will take down his uniform and play in Eadie's position with Jim Barrie at the other back position. Edwards in goal completes the outfit.

While the array of talent selected to defend Bethlehem's honors against Newark is expected to be able to cope with the visitors all of the other players will be in uniform ready to take their places if need be. This is possible by the new substitution rule.

In regard to Newark, the Jerseymen were last season recognized as one of the weakest clubs in the league. But Newark along with the other clubs has been buying during the off-season and is a far much better team than the Newark of last year. Soccer critics point to Newark as a possible dark horse and in a recent game in Boston the Jerseymen were paid the honors of playing a better game than Fall River. The present lineup of the Newark club assures a good stiff tilt and it is intimated that several surprise men will make their first start for the Jersey clan here on Saturday.

Outstanding among the players is Jock Marshall, a former Scottish Internationalist, and ranked as one of the best backs in the league. Marshall at one time played with the Brooklyn club. Another player who needs no introduction to local fans is Murdock, a goalie, last year with New Bedford. Herd, who plays a back, was given a trial at Bethlehem two years ago but lacked seasoning. However, he has come along fine and developed into a strong player. Costa, a forward, is a Portuguese.

Two world's series tickets, together with the weekly soccer ball will be drawn for at the game. The adults will receive numbered cards, the stub of which will be dropped in a box and the holder of the lucky number drawn at half time will receive the ticket for the games. The kids will again drop the coupon and picture of Robert MacGregor, clipped from The Globe-Times into a box and the name of the boy or girl drawn at half-time will receive a ball. The management calls attention to the fact that girls are eligible to join the kids booster outfit and the caps will be sold to them on the same basis by which they are disposed of to the boys.

The kickoff will be promptly at 3 o'clock. George Young, of Philadelphia, will referee the game. The linesmen will be J. Donahue and W. Kendall and the goal judges J. Harry Carpenter and Horace A. Williams. The probable lineup:

Bethlehem -- Newark
Edwards -- G -- Murdock
Barrie -- RFB -- Marshall
Ferguson -- LFB -- Mert
Raeside -- RHB -- McLeod
Rankin -- CHB -- Thompson
Robertson -- LHB -- Nichol
Gillespie -- OR -- Costa
Smith -- IR -- Carstay
Stark -- CF -- Daly
Forrest -- IL -- Green
Goldie -- OL -- Stymen

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club