The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, September 25, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Something to Worry About
With the season still young, practically just started, the American Soccer League executives are already confronted with a protest that will no doubt receive attention at the next gathering of the executives. Providence and New Bedford are the clubs registering the howl and are directing their charges against the New York Giants, the team to oppose the Steel Leaguers on the Bethlehem Field tomorrow. They claim the points which would go with forfeiture of the game, basing their actions on charges of ineligibility field against Jimmy Douglas, the Giant goalie. Douglas, whose home is at Kearney, N. J., and who was the goalie of the first Olympic team, eliminated by the Olympic champion Uruguayan eleven at Paris, is on the reserve list of the Newark F. C., according to Manager Tom Adams of that club.

No Protest Yet Sustained
If not mistaken the league has considered numerous protest but has not sustained any of them. In several instances the edict has been not guilty but pay the costs and it is probable that the claim of Providence and New Bedford will suffer the same fate and the complaint thrown in the ash can. Bethlehem last season had a complaint to make that seemed just and which by virtue of losing eliminated them in the cup competition. If Douglas is ineligible to play with the Giants it certainly too Providence, New Bedford and the league executives a long time to discover it. League affairs are pretty well nosed about, especially when they involve the transfer of a player, and the logical time to protest would seemingly be before and not after the game. Apparently Providence and New Bedford feel keenly the loss of the additional point.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club