The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 26, 1921
Under Colors of Philadelphia F. C., Rhode Island Team Defeated for Second Time

The Philadelphia F. C., comprising a lineup of all former Bethlehem Steel soccerites, with the exception of two players, made it two straight in the American Soccer League campaigning on Sunday afternoon by defeating the J & P Coats eleven of Pawtucket, R. I., by the score of 6 goals to 2. The game was played on the Quakers field and the victory was the second scored over the Pawtucket aggregation since the opening of the season.

In the first half the visitors assumed the lead early and were leading by two clear goals before the Philadelphia club could seem to get going, lack of cohesion on the part of the forwards being responsible for the absence of goals. However, after the first tally came the front line showed a better combination and were always close up on the opposing defense, despite the fact that the latter was by no means weak, Lappin at times being brilliant and held Fleming down well.

For the winners Fleming, Porter and Campbell were easily the pick, while for the losers Kershaw and Lappin were about the best.

Philadelphia F. C. -- J & P Coats
Kerr -- G -- Whalen
Bethune -- RFB -- Lappin
Ferguson -- LFB -- Stewart
Murray -- RHB -- Gallagher
Porter -- CHB -- McIntosh
Fullerton -- LHB -- Brooks
Morley -- OR -- Kershaw
Forrest -- IR -- Lonie
Brittan -- CF -- Miller
Campbell -- IL -- Weall
Fleming -- OL - -Sheppard
Referee: G. Young. Linesmen -- Burns and Lorimer. Time of halves, 45 minutes. Goals for Philadelphia -- Brittan, 2; Forrest, 2; Campbell, Fleming. Goals for J & P Coats -- Miller 2.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club