The Globe – South Bethlehem
Monday, September 28, 1914 – page 1
Score 3-0 – Defeat Peabody of Allied League – Bethlehems’ Goal Never in Danger.

Bethlehems of the American league and Peabody of the Allied league played an exhibition game on Saturday, Bethlehems winning, 3-0. Millar, Bethlehems’ inside left was absent, his place being taken by Donaghy.

Peabody presented a strong lineup. Bethlehems lost the toss and had to face a strong wind in the first half. Bethlehems settled down to the short passing game but Peabody was constantly on the alert. This, coupled with the fine goalkeeping of Hanna, kept Bethlehems’ score down to two goals in the first half. Peabody was never dangerous, Bethlehems’ defense being sure. Clarke and Fleming each scored for Bethlehems in the first period. Hanna put up a fine defensive game in the second half. On the restart, with the wind and sun against Peabody resorted to playing a defensive game and as the score shows did very well due to the splendid goalkeeping of Hanna who saved time and again. Donaghy on a pass from Clarke scored a pretty goal with a long low shot into the far corner of the net which completely beat the goal keeper. The game ended with the ball in front of Peabody’s goal placed there by Ford from a corner. Bethlehems’ goal during the second period was never in danger.

Next Saturday, the American league will open officially, the local team playing in Philadelphia against Schuylkill Falls.

Peabody – Pos. -- Bethlehems
Hanna – G -- Scaife
Kennedy – R.F. -- Toole
Whitson – L.F. -- Peacock
Leslie – R.H. -- Murrad
Howley – C.H. -- Campbell
Wilkins – L.H. -- Lance
Hemingway – O.R. -- Ford
Jacovelli – I.R. -- Lewis
Rew – C.F. -- Clarke
Willins – I.L. -- Donaghy
Meadows – O.L. – Fleming

Goals – Fleming, Clarke, Donaghy. Referee – J. H. Carpenter, Bethlehem. Linesmen – O. Hemingway, Philadelphia; Nicholson, Bethlehem. Time of halves – 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club