The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 28, 1925
New York Giants the League Team That Jolts Local Eleven
SCORES 3 T0 2 AND 1 TO 1

A defeat and a draw was the best the Bethlehem Steel F. C. could get in their two games over the weekend with the New York Giants. The Saturday game resulted in a 3 to 2 victory for the Giants while in the return engagement played at New York on Sunday the Bethlehem clan shred in a one goal draw.

Five thousand soccer fans turned out to see t he Giants take on the Steel Workers in the Sunday brawl at the New York Oval, their home grounds. Bethlehem again seemingly had the advantage in the number of opportunities but as in the Saturday contest here the shots that were directed at the goal just narrowly missed the mark.

Determined to avenge the Saturday defeat the Bethlehemites started with a rush that fairly carried the Giants off their feet and their efforts were rewarded after fourteen minutes of play when Archie Stark passed out to Georgie Forrest, whose shot for goal entered the net off Reynold's foot.

However, Bethlehem did not retain their lead long, for seven minutes later Crilley equalized off Bremner's pass.

Bethlehem forced two corners, but both were cleared. Near half time New York attacked vigorously, Brown shooting over the bar. Terris, of Bethlehem, injured his leg at this time and was carried off the field. Although he returned in the second half, he was of little use to his side. Two more corners came to Bethlehem. Duggan of the Giants missed by inches. Near full time Stark had a good chance, but his shot went over the bar.

The lineup:

N. Y. Giants -- Bethlehem Steel
Douglas -- G -- Carson
Reynolds -- RFB -- D. Ferguson
Moorhouse -- LFB -- Allan
Cameron -- RHB -- McDonald
Philip -- CHB -- Carnihan
Kinney -- LHB -- MacGregor
Duggan -- OR -- Forrest
Bremner -- IR -- Grainger
Brown -- CF -- Stark
Cairney -- IL -- Robertson
Crilley -- OL -- Terris
Referee -- T. Cunningham. Linesmen -- S. Day and D. Harris. Goals -- Forrest, Crilley. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Saturday's Game

One, two and then three goals, all scored with such rapidity that it completely knocked the wind out of the Bethlehem Steel F. C., sails tells the tail of a team seemingly licked but game enough to rally in a last ditch stand and snatch two points in the American Soccer League race. It was the New York Giants who invaded the lair of the Bethlehem Steel F. C., Saturday to administer the first defeat of the season to the steel makers by the score of 3 goals to 2.

With Bethlehem holding a one-goal lead over more than half of the distance the Giants came up from the rear and before the local clan knew what it was all about had the contest in the bag. The Giants won because they were able to take advantage of the opportunities presented them while for Bethlehem it seemed that fate hovered around continually when in the vicinity of the Gotham's goal for shots that had the visiting custodian beaten missed the mouth of the net by only inches.

Last year it was the Giants that seemingly had the number of the Steel Workers and the same old "jinx" seemed prevalent again on Saturday afternoon. However, it was probably a greater team this year than last, an aggregation of players with a forward line built around Davy Brown, the best outside right in the country but shifted to center forward that was a continual threat to the Steel Workers' defense.

Against a tricky and fast forward line, such as presented by the visitors, Bethlehem's apparent weakness in Saturday's game was in the back positions. Allan and Reid tried hard enough and were brilliant at times, but more than once the tricky and speedy little front liners of the visiting clan eluded the defense and on these occasions made most of their opportunity.

Even Bethlehem's celebrated forward line seemingly failed to function with the precision and combination work of the week previous. Miskicks, poorly placed passes and in lapses an apparent lack of aggressiveness were noticeable throughout. It was not until the visitors had Bethlehem spotted by two points that the Steel Workers seemed to realize their plight and then put forth their best efforts in a desperate attempt to overcome a two goal lead.

The last ten minutes of the game were fought bitterly. Bethlehem showed no quarter and had the visitors massing their defense to thwart the efforts to equalize. Almost continually during the closing minutes were the Steel Workers pressing but alas the aggressive determination came too late and the final whistle found the Giants on the long end of a victory that was well merited.

Perhaps it was over-confidence after holding sway over more than half the game that gave the visitors the leeway desired and in which they made the most of their opportunities. Within five minutes after the start of the game the Steel Workers forged to the lead when Purvis notched the first counter. This was made possible by a beautiful long pass from MacGregor. From then on the visitors occasionally initiated a breakaway and while the forward line was dangerous they really did not threaten and Bethlehem had much the better of the play.

However, after the restart it was a different story with the Giants giving as good as they received. Geudert saved immediately after the restart and then the Giants took up the aggressiveness and continued pressing until they had accomplished the desired result. A tricky and fast combination on the forward line kept the backs busy. A foul against Rollo proved the turning point. In fact there were too many fouls called and seemingly players were more concerned in evening up personal matters than lodging the ball into the net. Rollo's fouled was committed on Cameron and Kelly took the kick. Sailing slowly and just at the right height the ball went true to the mark and when at the goal mouth up came Duggan out of the crowd to head it into the net.

Bethlehem immediately became the aggressor and it was surely fate and not fortune that smiled on the efforts of the local clan. Down the field swept the Steel forwards, Stark drawing attention of the defense. In a flash he shot the ball to right where Georgie Forrest took it up and carrying it in let drive with a brilliant shot that missed by inches. Not to be denied the Steel Makers continued to press and it was then Stark whose shot had Geudert completely beaten but grazing the cross bar went sailing harmlessly by.

Geudert's excellent clearance stood the visitors in good stead, his return being hard and far up the field. It was on one of these that Davy Brown and Allan engaged in a separate duel. Allan beating Brown to the ball but apparently misjudging the speed of the New Yorker's center forward. Before Allen could clear Brown let drive with one of the pretties shots ever witnessed on the Steel Field, the ball sailing high into the far corner of the net with Carson having no chance whatever. Within a few minutes Bremer added the third goal for the visitors.

From then on it was Bethlehem's game with the Steel Workers giving their most spirited display of aggressiveness. On a corner kick the visitors saved at least a half dozen times in a fierce scrimmage when MacGregor finally got his head to the ball and landed it in the net. Bethlehem was pressing hard when the final whistle sounded. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- N. Y. Giants
Carson -- G -- Geudert
Allan -- RFB -- Kelly
Reid -- LFB -- Mverdirks
McDonald -- RHB -- Cameron
Carnihan -- CHB -- Scott
MacGregor -- LHB -- McKinney
Forrest -- OR -- Duggan
Purvis -- IR -- Bremer
Stark -- CF -- Brown
Rollo -- IL -- Cairney
Goldie -- OL -- Crilley
Goals -- Purvis, MacGregor, Brown, Bremer, Duggan. Referee -- Coutts. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club