The Globe - South Bethlehem
Monday, September 29, 1913
Easy Victory For Home Soccer Team.
Lack of Condition.

Bethlehem, champion of the Allied League, opened the local soccer season on Saturday, shutting out Reading 3-0. Bethlehem showed a consistent combination, its passing being very accurate and well judged. The first half proved to be very fast and interesting, but in the second half both teams showed lack of condition. Reading seldom penetrated the locals' defense and it was only the star work of Carter, Reading's goal keeper, that prevented Bethlehem from piling up many more goals. All of the local men played good football and the absence of individual work did more to improve Bethlehem's chances of winning. The line-up:

Reading - Bethlehem
Carer - goal -- Lambert
Taylor -- left full-back -- Peacock
Hubbard -- right full-back -- McKelvey
Downing -- center half-back -- Stewart
Beech -- right half-back -- Harvey
Jordan -- left half-back -- Lawler
Burns -- outside left -- Fleming
Spice -- inside left -- Donaghy
Beech -- center forward -- Lance
Smith -- inside right -- Lewis
Monk -- outside right -- Galbraith
Referee, H. Shackleton; linemen, Hill and Edwards. Time of halves, 33 minutes. Goals for Bethlehem, Lance 2, Lewis 1.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club