The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 29, 1924
Philadelphia Soccerites Lead At Half Time But Then Stark Gets Busy

Bethlehem Steel added two more points in the American Soccer League race on Saturday afternoon, defeating Fleisher Yarn, of Philadelphia, on the latter's field by the score of 2 goals to 1. In turning in the victory by a brief margin, Bethlehem had to speed up its attack almost continually and although superior in playing, it was not until the last fifteen minutes of the game that the equalizing goal was counted and then hardly two more minutes to go, when Turner flashed in the winning tally.

As has been the experience in the past, Fleisher gave the Steel Workers a hard battle and possibly presented a stiffer defense than was ever before experienced. Bethlehem pressed hard and started movements in which scoring seemed inevitable, but the finish was lacking or a Fleisher back happened to be in the vicinity to turn back the effort or hurry the shot.

Fleisher had the edge at the close of the first half simply because Straden got away with a pretty individual effort and put his teammates into the lead with a beautiful shot from about twenty-five yards out. However, on the run of the play, Bethlehem frequently had the Yarners battling desperately to frustrate the Steel Workers' charges. Bethlehem forced seven corners in the first half to two for Fleisher's, but in spire of this lacked the finishing touch to give them an even break.

The Yarners were on the defensive a good bit of the time during the first twenty-five minutes, when Stredan, the good looking center of the Yarners, got possession on a pass from Rogers and went clean through center, driving his parting shot from 25 yards out. The ball sailed low and landed in the left corner of the net. This success seemed to inspire the Quakers to greater effort and with the defense working perfectly it was readily ascertained that there would be no easy goals if the home towners could maintain the pace. When time ended the teams turned around with the Philadelphia team in the lead.

The Steel Workers' superiority was most pronounced in the final half when battling with a determination to overcome the one goal margin they pressed almost continually. They were given plenty of goal leeway, but in the anxiety to score, shots were taken at the citadel from almost impossible positions. This continued until only fifteen more minutes to play remained when Stark finally landed the ball into the net with the tying goal.

Working around midfield, Terris shot a pass to Goldie who carried the ball down the wing with all the forwards and defense moving in the direction of the goal. The cross of the speedy outside left landed close to the toe of Grainger in front of goal. The latter, however, was well covered by Rudd, although there was a possible chance that he might locate the net. Seeing Stark uncovered and within close vicinity of the goal, Grainger threw the defense off its stride with a neat pass to the center and the latter blazed it into the net at close range.

Bethlehem -- Fleisher
Carson -- G -- Kucklick
Young -- RFB -- Rogers
Ferguson -- LFB -- Rudd
MacGregor -- RHB -- Hornberger
Carnihan -- CHB -- White
Terris -- LHB -- Duffy
Turner -- OR -- Galloway
Grainger -- IR -- Purdis
Stark -- CF -- Stradam
Rollo -- IL -- McLaughlin
Goldie -- OL -- McGhee
Goals: Stark, Turner, Stradan. Referee: George Young. Linesmen, MacFarland for Bethlehem; Connors for Fleisher Yarn. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club