The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, September 29, 1926
Bethlehem Plays Giants Here Saturday and Goes to Providence on Sunday

The Hakoah Club, Vienna's championship soccer aggregation, which created a furor in American soccer circles last season, will be virtually absorbed by the American Soccer League this year. Managers of the latter clubs, recognizing the merit of the Vienna stars, lost little time in getting signatures and practically the entire squad returned to America.

A Few To Play Here

Bethlehem fans will get the opportunity of seeing some of these former Hakoah players in action on Saturday afternoon when the local clan meets the New York Giants on Lehigh Field. The Giant management represented one of the clubs to get in on the ground floor and signed up a quartet of the outstanding players.

Strengthened by these players, the Giants, always a hoodoo to Bethlehem's championship aspirations, promise to wage a spirited battle and judging by their previous performances against a Bethlehem team, the contest should scintillate. The former Hakoahs who are with the Giants are Guttman, a center half, Hausler, Schwartz and Greenwald, a trio of forwards. The latter with Davy Brown at center comprise one of the speediest and most dangerous front lines in the league.

Now that Bethlehem is riding at the top in the league standing, the ambition of all the clubs is to give the Steel Workers their first league setback. And the Giants get the first opportunity to try to realize that ambition. The Gotham booters are a peppy gang of fighters and while not as scientific as Bethlehem and some of the other league clubs, have a style of rushing aggressive play that is hard to fathom.

In spite of the strong opposition anticipated against the Giants an atmosphere of confidence reign in the camp of the Steelmen. The club is away to the best start it has had in years and with no experimenting period to go through with are confident hat they will hold the top position to the end of the race.

McDonald May Not Play

There is some concern relative to Whitey McDonald, brilliant halfback who injured a muscle in his thigh and is still having trouble with t he injury. Although the club is well fortified with capable reserves, McDonald will surely be needed over the weekend with the hard program confronting the team.

On Saturday afternoon the Bethlehem club is assured a hard session with the New Yorkers. The players will hardly have time to change into civvies to start for Providence where the club is booked for a Sunday game. Such trips seem to be an outstanding effort on the part of the schedule maker. It will mean that Bethlehem after a hard Saturday game, will have to travel all night to be on hand in Rhode Island for the Sunday setto.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club