The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 30, 1918
Paterson, Last Year's Leaders in the National League, is Badly Defeated

Bethlehem Team Plays All Around the Visitors -- Vandeweigh is hurt

A victory for the Bethlehem F. C. marked the opening of the soccer season in Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon, the Steel Workers defeating the Paterson F. C., winners of last year's National League honors, by the score of 4 goals to none.

With weather ideal for the sport a fair sized crowd turned out and throughout the contest were thrilled with sensational plays. Frequently time was called for injured players but this was not due to any unnecessary roughness but owing to the early season condition of the men. Toward the close of the first half Vandeweigh, the visitors' center halfback, collided with Forrest in the visitors' territory. In falling to the turf he landed on his right arm in such a manner that the member was seriously injured. When he left the field it was feared his arm was broken and, although the full extend of the injury was not determined it is believed that he suffered only a dislocation. As a result he was forced to retire from the game and Paterson finished with only ten men. Despite the fact that it was the opening game and that the players still need conditioning, the game was exceptionally fast and frequently thrilled the fans with clever plays. Although the score appears one-sided, the visitors were often dangerous and only the superb work of the Bethlehem defense prevented them from scoring on several occasions.

Paterson -- Bethlehem
Healey -- G-- Duncan
Murray -- RHB -- Fletcher
Bleisch -- LFB -- Ferguson
Meyerdicks -- RHB -- Kirkpatrick
Vandeweigh -- CHB -- Campbell
Broadbent -- LHB -- Butler
Garside -- OR -- McKelvey
Hunsicker -- IR -- Pepper
Shanholdt -- CF -- Ratican
Gradwell -- IL -- Forrest
Brown -- OL -- Fleming
Goals: Ratican, Pepper, Forrest, Fleming, penalty. Referee: Kerr, Philadelphia. Linesmen: Morrison and Vandeweigh. Two 45-minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club