Bethlehem Globe-Times
Friday, September 30, 1927
Steel Soccer Veteran to be in the Game Against Newark in This City.

Jock Ferguson, veteran of many grueling soccer games, and for years recognized as one of the greatest backs to trod an American pitch, will don his war regalia on Saturday to appear with the selection of popular Bethlehem soccer favorites to oppose Newark in the American Soccer League game on Lehigh Field.

Because of the dual bill over the weekend, Bethlehem journeying to Newark for the Sunday tilt, the Bethlehem management has drastically juggled the lineup for this game, but every player assigned to positions is fully capable of holding down the berth. Bill Allan is still nursing a leg injury and for that reason Jock Ferguson will be pressed into service, playing his usual position at left fullback and paired off with Jim Barrie, who comes back to the lineup after several weeks absence because of injury.

In colorful contrast with Ferguson in a back position will be the famed Jock Marshall, veteran internationalist, who is the backbone of the Newark defense. Marshall, in spite of his many years in soccer, is as good as he ever was. Marshall, like Ferguson, is one of the hardiest players on an American soccer pitch and while these veterans do not seem to be laboring as strenuously as some other backs, there are not any of the younger forwards in the circuit who would not rather pit their skill against some of other back than either Marshall or Ferguson.

The inclusion of Ferguson in the lineup is not the only change in the lineup. Archie Stark, who played the greater part of last year and thus far this season at an inside forward, will be back at the center forward berth. The change is made to play McConnell at center forward in the Sunday game in which Stark will probably be again shifted to inside right. This change will give the local management the opportunity of starting O’Neill, a forward and a newcomer this season, to play through his first league game. With the exception of O’Neill all of the other players assigned to positions are old and popular favorites.

This lineup of veterans is quite appropriate for the Bethlehem Boosters have been busy this week in arranging many interesting features which are outlined in an advertisement on another page and are hoping that the game will be played before the banner crowd of the season.

Bill Carnihan, dashing center halfback, who captained the team to success for four years and who this year withdrew and the honor was placed on Robert MacGregor, will be back in his position. Carnihan was listed among the early season casualties and although he played in one of the games over the last weekend, the clash with Newark will be his first league game on the home grounds.

Bethlehem is fielding a strong club for the team is determined to collect the two points possible with a victory over the strong Jersey clan. While the veteran Marshall has always been a strong defensive factor in the Newark lineup, the Jerseymen have another player who has and is still performing brilliantly. He is Murdock, their goalie and local fans who witnessed the semifinal round in the National Cup competition when Bethlehem barely nosed out Newark, can readily recall his phenomenal work between the uprights. Murdock is no new player with the club this season. However, there are quite a few new men, of which Hogg and Wardrop, forwards well known in American Soccer League campaigns, are probably most prominent. These veterans will flank Leo Miller on the forward line, the latter the sensational home bred youngster, who after one game won a regular berth on the forward lien. Mose Bloom will referee the game and will have as his linesmen Young and Murphy, of Philadelphia. The probable lineup follows:

Bethlehem – Newark
Geudert – G – Murdock
Barrie – RFB – Marshall
Ferguson – LFB – Burns
McDonald – RHB – Daly
Carnihan – CHB – Thomson
MacGregor – LHB – Nicoll
Jaap – OR – Wardrop
O’Neill – IR – Hogg
Stark – CF – Miller
Rollo – IL – Green
Goldie – OL -- Dawson
The league games scheduled for this weekend follow:


New Bedford vs. Brooklyn at New Bedford.
Boston vs. Philadelphia at Boston.
Bethlehem vs. Newark, at Bethlehem.
J & P Coats vs. Providence, at Pawtucket.


N. Y. Giants vs. N. Y. Nationals at Starlight Park, N. Y.
Fall River vs. Philadelphia, at Tiverton.
Hartford vs. J & P Coats at South Manchester, Conn.
Newark vs. Bethlehem at Newark.
Providence vs. Brooklyn at Providence.
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club