The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, October 1, 1926
Right Wings of Steel and N. Y. Giants Teams to Lock Horns

Promised a nice crisp day with a dry field by the weatherman, soccer patrons are going to see a fast and hard game on Lehigh Field on Saturday afternoon, when Bethlehem Steel tackles the New York Giants in the first game of the twin bill over the weekend. A dry pitch is what both clubs need to be at their best, assuring clever as well as aggressive soccer.

Three players stand out prominently in the Giants' lineup, and upon these will rest the fortunes of the New York booters. The trio comprise Davy Brown, center forward, Heusler and Schwartz, Jewish stars formerly with the Hakoah club. When this right wing gets working, the Bethlehem backs are certain to find their hands full in stopping the aggressive movements goalward.

Best Steel Team To Line Up

Realizing the strength of the opposition, the Bethlehem management is desirous of making no mistakes in fielding its strongest club and for this reason Whitey McDonald, right halfback, will be at his regular position. There was some doubt about starting him, due to an injury from which he has just recovered. However, the big practice on Thursday afternoon assured the management that McDonald is in trim and will be able to stand up under the attack of the Giants.

Andy Rankin, the versatile Steel Worker who can play a forward as well as a halfback position, will be idle, but will be available for the Sunday tilt against Providence. Individual comparison of the front liners should be quite interesting to the fans. The Hakoah stars came to this country heralded as the fastest and most accurate shooting forwards in the country. Therefore, the Giants right wing and that of Bethlehem, comprising Gillespie and Ed Smith, will undoubtedly command much attention. The latter two are seasons players, with experience probably a bit more extensive than that of the Hakoah [...].

Forrest to Play

It was definitely announced today that George Forrest, a former popular Bethlehem player who recently returned to the fold, will again see service in the home game. Forrest will replace Johnny Rollo at the inside left position, paired of with Malcolm Goldie, outside wing. Forrest, Stark, Gillespie and Smith are each dangerous when in the vicinity of the goal and with perfect coordination such as the Bethlehem forwards are able to play, Geudert, the [REMAINDER OF TEXT MISSING]

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