The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, October 1, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Referee's Strike Threatened
The New York Evening Post Thursday intimates that there is a strike threatening among the referees in the American Soccer League and that the officials are merely waiting for the opportune time. Rumors to this effect have been rife for some time, says the Post. The chief kick of the referees is the low pay they receive for officiating, contending that with the new rules and added responsibilities they are entitled to an additional compensation. Another objection is the inadequate facilities for dressing at most of the parks. They object strenuously to being forced to do so among the players. Attention is called that Bill Cunningham, the new president of the circuit, has some weighty propositions to smooth out in this respect.

Interested in Hakoah Players
There has been so much written and said about the Hakoah soccer team that fans who did not see the Jewish aggregation in action when touring the country are quite interested in seeing them strut their stuff. Just how good they are in strutting will be evident when soccer patrons visit Lehigh Field on Saturday afternoon, to make individual comparisons between Bethlehem star players who earned the National championship and the sensational Hakoahs. No less than four of the Jewish booters will be included with the New York Giants and in positions in which they will be pitted against Bethlehem's best. The Steelmen did not get a chance at the Vienna team when they toured the country, but will have an opportunity to mix it up with a quartet of them in the Saturday tilt.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club