The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, October 3, 1917
Soccer Notes

The opening games in the National Football League resulted as follows: West Hudson 5, New York F. C. 2; Babcock & Wilcox 2, Jersey A. C. 0; Paterson F. C. 3, Scottish Americans 2.

Butler and Hardy are on the injured list as the result of Saturday's game with the Blue Mountain league team. Both players will be on the side lines for the game with Jersey A. C. on Saturday.

Harry Ratican played a good game at center forward for the Steel Workers last Saturday. His aggressiveness has a lot to do with the success.

It will take a man of exceptional ability to displace anyone on the Steel Workers' halfback line. Kirkpatrick, Campbell and Murray are playing excellent soccer for so early in the season.

Duncan Fletcher and Ferguson are also in mid-season form and the National League forwards will have an interesting time to penetrate the Bethlehem defense.

Jersey City A. C., the Steel workers' opponents for Saturday, is a well-balanced team and will make the American cup-holders hustle for the points.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club