Bethlehem Globe-Times
Monday, October 3, 1927
1-1 Tilt Played Here Saturday and Sunday Victory is Chalked Up in Jersey.

Held to a one-goal draw against Newark here on Saturday, the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club avenged the loss of the one point by defeating the Jerseymen in their own back yard on Sunday afternoon by the score of 3 to 2. In spite of the excessive heat prevailing, both games were hard fought from the opening to the final whistle.

The Steelmen’s chances of victory in the game here on Saturday afternoon faded in the last five minutes of play, when Leo Miller, the sensational eighteen-year-old center forward and native product of the sand lots, notched the equalizing goal.

The first half ended with neither team able to score. At the restart Bethlehem began pressing with even more determined vigor but it was not until after thirty minutes of play that their efforts were productive. Stark, playing center forward for the first time this season, took a beautiful pass from Jaap and before Murdock could save cashed the ball into the net.

The one goal looked big enough for victory when suddenly Newark broke away. Millar had a chance and let go a stinging drive for the net. T He ball struck an upright and rebounded into the field but the alert youngster followed his shot and on his hasty return beat Geudert. The line-up:

Bethlehem – Newark
Geudert – G – Murdock
Barrie – RFB – Marshall
Ferguson – LFB – Burns
McDonald – RHB – Daly
Carnihan – CHB – Thomson
MacGregor – LHB – Nicolla
Jaap – OR – Hogg
O’Neill – IR – Wardrop
Stark – CF – Miller
Rollo – IL – Green
Goldie – OL – Dawson
Goals: Stark, Miller. Referee: Mose Bloom. Linesmen: Murphy and Young. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

More than two thousand fans turned out to see Bethlehem Steel avenge the one goal draw and beat the Jerseymen on Sunday, after a hard struggle by the score of 3 to 2.

The Steel Workers led off with a goal ten minutes from the start, when, from a free kick, MacGregor netted the ball with a drive from thirty yards out. At half time the league champions were ahead by 1-0.

A spectacular run down the right wing by Hogg brought about equalization, five minutes after the restart. Bethlehem regained the lead, fifteen minutes later, when Jaap trapped Stark’s pass and landed a 15-yard shot within Newark’s net.

Hogg once more came to the rescue at twenty-five minutes and the teams were deadlocked again. The deciding tally came ten minutes from the close as Goldie crossed from the left. Murdock in goal for Newark barely stopped it, whereupon O’Neill, who had substituted for Rollo, headed the ball in for the winning goal.

Newark – Bethlehem
Murdock – G – Geudert
Burns – RFB – McDonald
Gibbons – LFB – McKeekin
Daley – RHB – MacGregor
T. Marshall – CHB – Carnihan
Nicolis – LHB – Reed
Hogg – OR – Jaap
Wardrop – IR – Rollo
Miller – CF – Stark
Green – IL – McConnell
Dawson – OL – Goldie
Referee: John Hume. Linesmen: C. Ferrier and J. Hayes. Goals: MacGregor, Jaap, O’Neill, Hogg 2. Substitutes: Robertson for MacGregor, O’Neill for Rollo, Cairns for Gibbons, McGowan for Dawson. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club