The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, October 4, 1918
Soccer Notes

A hard game is scheduled for the Bethlehem Steel soccer team on Sunday when the squad journeys to New York to meet the New York F. C. in a National League contest.

The New York F. C. is comprised of many veteran and star players and in the first game of the season played last week, defeated the strong Scottish-Americans by the score of three goals to one. The Steel Workers will be well on their guard and a comparison of their strength and the chance they have to duplicate last season's honors can be drawn by the result of the contest.

The Bethlehem Steel team will leave at 10:45 o'clock on Sunday morning. The following players have been selected to make the trip: Duncan, Fletcher, Ferguson, Kirkpatrick, Campbell, Butler, McKelvey, Pepper, Ratican, Forrest, Fleming, Easton, Morrison, Manager Sheridan and Stark trainer.

On Saturday, Oct. 12, the attraction in Bethlehem will be the Merchant Ship team of Bristol, conceded to be one of the strongest aggregations in the country and picked by many critics to finish the season with the soccer laurels coming their way. For this game the Steel Workers will go through a special session of training that will mean the appearance on the field of three evenings for practice instead of two evenings.

At a meeting of the New Jersey Football Association held at Newark, N. J., on Tuesday evening, a new league was formed to be known as the New Jersey Soccer League.

The players to represent Bethlehem Sunday are the same who defeated Paterson in this city last Saturday. Manager Sheridan was well pleased with the showing and contends that any changes at this time might be a serious mistake and result disastrously.

Babcock & Wilcox F. C. claim that the Morse Shipbuilding soccer management illegally approached three of their signed players. The case will be aired before the New York State Football Association on Monday, Oct. 7.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club