The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 4, 1926
Team with 4 Noted Hakoahs in Lineup Tripped Up by Champions.

The triumphant march of the Bethlehem soccer team in the American Soccer League race continued over the weekend when the national champions scored two meritorious victories. Displaying the best brand of soccer probably seldom witnessed in this country the champions crushed their foes under decisive scores.

ON Saturday before an enthusiastic and interested home gathering the Bethlehem machine mowed down the aggressive fighting New York Giants with their brilliant array of former Hakoah stars by the score of 3 to 1. On Sunday, Providence, one of the strong clubs in the New England states, did not have a look in after the Bethlehem boys got going and were forced to swallow a 3 to 1 defeat.

Significant in the dual victory of the Bethlehem team is the ordeal the players underwent after the hard game on Saturday. With the points in the Giants game safely tucked away and the record of no defeats still unblemished, the players after that game scarcely had time to don their civvies and dart for a train to carry them on to New York, arriving in the metropolis late at night. The players remained quartered there until Sunday morning and then started the tiresome train journey to Providence. During a few hours of respite the team partook of a light meal, and then went out on the playing pitch determined to register the second victory of the week. The team counted four points in the weekend campaigning.

Giants on Short End

The victory over the Giants stands out as probably the most brilliant at this early date. The champions needed only to be stung by the early success of the Gotham booters in registering a goal, to muster its full fighting strength.

Stark Followed Closely

The Giant defense, as it always does, paid too much attention to Archie Stark. The premier center forward of the American Soccer League was almost continually bottled and had very few opportunities to break away.

Bethlehem, as usual, was slow in starting and in the early minutes of play the big crowd were amazed when a corner was converted by Davy Brown. The Steelmen then started their attack and from then on was the aggressive team. The Giants in their desperation to check frequently violated soccer ethics and came to grief early in the first half when a penalty was called against Moorehouse. Goldie took the kick and drove it at goal with terrific force. Geudert made a valiant effort to save and did succeed in batting down the ball but Goldie followed his shot was on it in an instant and then placed it well out of the reach of the New York custodian.

Giants Spurt at Restart

The short lived spurt at the restart featured for the Giants but when Bethlehem again took the upper hand the second half was merely a repetition of the first. Bethlehem was playing pretty soccer, contributing aggressiveness to its deceptive passing game. Bethlehem pressed hard but Geudert was master of the occasion.

The break final came when Goldie converted one of the prettiest and phenomenal efforts probably ever witnessed on a soccer field. Thirty yards out Bethlehem was awarded a free kick and Goldie was the man on the ball. With all power available in his right leg, boot and ball met. The sphere traveled toward goal, swerving in such a tantalizing manner in its flight to completely fool Geudert and lodged in the right hand corner of the net. The final goal came after a pretty solo effort of Gillespie, outside right. The former Scottish big leaguer trickled down the field, eluding tackle after tackle, until in the vicinity of goal and then made no mistake with his parting shot. The end of the game found Bethlehem pressing more threateningly than at any other stage of the contest. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- New York Giants
Edwards -- G -- Geudert
Barrie -- RFB -- Pain
Allen -- LFB - -Moorehouse
McDonald -- RHB -- McKenney
MacGregor -- LHB -- Herd Carnihan (capt.) -- CHB -- Guttman
Gillespie -- OR -- Schwartz
Smith -- IR -- Haeusler
Stark -- CF - -Brown
Goldie -- OL -- Horner
Forrest -- IL -- Gruenwald
Goals: Goldie 2, Gillespie, Brown. Referee: Pat Howley. Linesmen, J. Walders and Styles. Substitutions: Bethlehem, Rankin for McDonald, Jaap for Smith; New York, Parkes for McKenney.


Only meager reports of the brilliant victory of the Bethlehem team over Providence in the Sunday game trickled over the wires today. However, these reports were quite lavish in depicting the excellence of the Steel Workers in downing one of their dangerous New England foes and gave the victors credit of outplaying the home club at every angle of the game.

Bethlehem's deceptive passing and clever manipulation of the ball was too much for the Providence team and had the losers on the defense almost throughout the entire contest. Only occasionally did Providence initiate a forward movement and then seldom did the breakaway advance beyond the fullbacks. When it did Edwards handled the shots at goal in fine style.

Beautiful combination in which Archie Stark and Malcolm Goldie were dominant factors had Providence on the run from the very start, and particularly in the second half was the Bethlehem attack most pronounced. The long sweeping pass, from outside wing to outside wing, and then the clever turning by the inside forwards served its purpose well for with this distribution of play the front liners were free on numerous occasions. Briefly described Providence was unable to diagnose the work of the elusive forwards which the Bethlehem backs were quite capable to frustrate, the efforts of the Providence attack men.

Archie Stark opened the scoring in the first half, in which Providence held Bethlehem to a 1 to 1 tie, by lifting the ball over Surgenor's head eighteen minutes after play began. McLaine evened the score by netting on a free kick sixteen yards out just before the end of the half.

Stark added his second goal in the second period, taking a fine cross from Goldie. McGregor scored the final goal on a free kick. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Providence
Edwards -- G -- Surgenor
Eadie -- RFB -- Abel
Allan -- LFB -- McRuley
Rankin -- RHB -- Renfrew
Carnihan -- CHB -- Forrest
McGregor -- LHB -- Auld
Jaap -- OR -- Green
Granger -- IR -- Abdullah
Stark -- CF -- McLaine
Forrest -- IL -- Lyons
Robertson -- OL -- Toner
Goldie -- OL -- Floria
Score: Bethlehem, 3; Providence 1. Goals: Stark 2, McGregor, McLaine. Referee: Odell, Pawtucket. Linesmen, Quinn, Pawtucket, Wade, Pawtucket. Goal judges: Votilate, Graystone; Boyce, Fall River. Time, 45 minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club