The Globe – South Bethlehem
Tuesday, October 6, 1914
Hard Usage of Bethlehem Players. Grounds in Fine Condition. Crowd Was Large.

Bethlehem’s Soccer team played its first league game in Philadelphia on Saturday with Schuylkill Falls on the latter’s ground and gave it a severe drubbing, winning by the score of 7-1. The supporters of Falls were out in force and made themselves heard from the very start the excitement was great. Both teams appeared to be in the pink of condition and from the very start a fast pace was set the ground being in excellent condition which seemed to suit Bethlehems which played a dashing game right through never easing up one minute. Its passing and combination won great applause from the crowd. Soon after Bethlehems took the lead Falls started to use rough tactics, Clarke being brought down several times when near the Falls’ goal. Millar and Fleming were also used badly and with the exception of Scaife all the members have a few marks and bruises. Murray opened the score for Bethlehems, ten minutes from the start the referee awarding a free kick on the thirty yard line, Murray shot straight for goal the ball glancing off Hubbard into the corner of the net soon after Millar got through and scored a splendid goal this seemed to wake up Falls and it attacked determinedly, Gunn scoring from a mixup in front of Bethlehems’ goal. Shortly after Bethlehems was awarded a penalty for Brown fouling Clarke in front of Falls’ goal, Fleming took the kick and banged it into the net for Bethlehems’ third goal. This ended the first half, Score, Bethlehems, 3; Falls, 1.

On the restart Falls again started to rough things up, but Bethlehems’ set such a terrific pace that completely upset Falls and goal after goal was banged in. Clarke getting two, Lewis one and Millar adding another. Bethlehems’ half-back line played well while full-back Toole played the best ever seen on the Falls’ field.


Bethlehems – Pos. – Falls
Scaife – G -- Clinton
Toole – R.F.B. -- Hubbard
Peacock – L.F.B. -- Coventry
Murray – R.H.B. -- Clark
Campbell – C.H.B. -- Ralston
Lance – L.H.B. -- Brown
Ford – O.R. -- Haigh
Lewis – I.R. -- McMillan
Clarke – C.F. -- Ockerby
Millar – I.L. -- Gunn
Fleming – O.L. -- Needham
Referee – J. Walder. Linesmen – Trend and Hitchins. Time of halves – 45 minutes. Goals – Millar, 2; Clarke, 2; Lewis, Murray, Fleming (penalty), Gunn.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club