The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, October 6, 1917
Score is 10 to 0 -- At end of First Half Score is 6 to 0 -- Local American Champions Completely Outclass the Jersey City Association Football Men -- Bethlehem Soccerites Score at Will

Bethlehem opened the National Soccer League season on the new Bethlehem Steel Company athletic field on Elizabeth Avenue this afternoon by decisively defeating the Jersey City F. C., 10 to 0. At no time in the game did the visitors show to any dangerous advantage over the locals and the crowd of 500 fans were kept busy warming up with applause as the many goals for the locals were scored.

First Half

Capt. Pepper for Bethlehem won the toss, Jersey City kicking off with the wind against them. In the early exchanges Jersey City showed to advantage, but Fletcher and Ferguson kept them out of danger. On the breakaway Easton, on a fine individual effort, scored Bethlehem's first goal in four minutes of play.

On the restart Bethlehem started another offensive which all five forwards participated in ending in Easton's scoring the second goal. Three m9inutes later, on the some fine footwork by the Bethlehem front rank, Easton again scored, making Bethlehem's total three goals.

At this stage of the game Jersey City braced and the play was more in Bethlehem's territory but it was short lived. In the attack near the Jersey City goal, left fullback Genhour, for Jersey City, handled the ball with his hands, for which Walders gave Bethlehem a penalty. Ratican was entrusted with the kick and made good, scoring a goal.

Bethlehem continued showing wonderful teamwork. Duncan, who up to this time had not handled the ball, in the breakaway was given his first test in a shot by Shanholt, the Columbia University star. With but five minutes to go, Ratican scored a good cross shot, making Bethlehem's sixth goal.

At this stage of the game Jersey City looked like a badly defeated team, Referee Walders blowing his whistle in front of Jersey City's goal.

End of first half: Bethlehem 6, Jersey City 0.

Second Half The second half was very much as the first, Easton and Ratican showing to advantage, while the visitors were unable to put across a single goal.

The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Jersey City
Duncan -- G -- Rynemen
Fletcher -- RFB -- Settles
Ferguson -- LFB -- Gedettos
Kirkpatrick -- RHB -- Best
Campbell -- CHB -- Brett
Murray -- LHB -- Nichols
McKelvey -- OR -- Genhour
Pepper -- IR -- Ford
Ratican -- CFB -- Brown
Easton -- IL -- Hefferman
Chadwick -- OL -- Stanhope
Goals: Ratican, 4; Easton, 4; McKelvey, 1; Pepper, 1. Referee -- James Walders of Philadelphia. Time of halves - -45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club