The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, October 6, 1923
James Cassidy, Recent Arrival From England, Is Signed By Steel Eleven

The Bethlehem F. C> expects to get started in the American Soccer League race tomorrow afternoon when the team journeys to Brooklyn to meet the Wanderers in the opening tilt. Benefited by the exhibition game played last Sunday at Fall River, together with long sessions of practice held this week, the players left in excellent condition and determined to annex the first points in the league race.

The management today announced the acquisition of a new player. The newcomer is Jas. Cassidy, who comes to the camp of the Bethlehems with quite an enviable reputation. Cassidy, a youngster, barely, if at all out of his teens, is a fullback and although it is hardly possible that he will get into the regular lineup this season, the management contends that with his prowess and effectiveness, he is a good man to have sticking around.

To many Cassidy is looked upon as the successor of Jock Ferguson, returned this season from J & P Coats. Jock probably has many more good seasons of play in him, but it is realized that he is a veteran and Father Time eventually must exact his toll. Likewise he will be a good man to have sticking around in case of injury.

Cassidy arrived in this country several weeks ago and while drifting around looking for a berth and employment finally brought up in Bethlehem. Conditions here appealed to him and he decided to park permanently for the time being at least for he attached his signature to a Bethlehem form. He played in both the first and second divisions of the Scottish League. Last season he played with the St. Johnstone Club in the second division and was also a member of the Edinburgh Hibernians of the first division.

The team will leave for Brooklyn tomorrow morning, the players selected to accompany following: Carson, Young, D. Ferguson, McFarlane, Carnihan, Terris, A. Jackson, Rattray, W. Jackson, Turner, Goldie and Maxwell.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club