The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 6, 1924
Steel Workers Keep Well to Front in The American League Race

Bethlehem kept pace with the leading [...] American Soccer League [...]mming Philadelphia F. C. [...] Field, that place, on Saturday afternoon, by three goals to none. [...] clearly represents the differences between the teams. Philadelphia, while always willing to mix it, never was really dangerous and Highfield had only two shots that required handling.

However, the first half went scoreless due to excellent goal keeping on on the part of Chapman and good defensive work by Davis and Gaw. [...] did most of the attacking [...]new players in the lineup gave an excellent account of themselves. [...] outside right, demonstrated that he can shoot with power and accuracy and McDonald, in the halfback position [...] up to the reputation he made in Canada of being one of the best [...] in the Dominion.

The opening goal came after nine minutes of play in the second half and was the result of a beautiful individual effort on the part of Granger. He got possession in the middle of the [...] toward the right foul line and carried the ball all the way, starting out toward the corner flag and then cutting in and on his way toward goal beat several opponents. Chapman left his goal in an effort to stop him and Granger slipped the ball past him [...] net with a goal that started the downfall of the Phillies.

Ten minutes later Archie Stark broke through center and with two men hanging on him diverted the [...] of the goalkeeper's reach and [...] the net. His placement of the ball was beautiful and well timed. The Phillies were now completely beaten and all their efforts for the remainder of the game were centered on holding down the score. Stark broke away toward the finish of the game and looked like scoring when, Gaw, the left fullback, threw his arms around him and pulled him up. The infringement occurred 25 yards from goal. The referee awarded a free kick and McGregor took the kick and found the net with a great shot. The Phillies' defenders tried to intercept the flight of the ball toward goal. The ball struck Davis glancing on the back but continued on its way into the net. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Philadelphia
Highfield -- G -- Chapman
Young -- RFB -- Davis
Ferguson -- LFB -- Gaw
McDonald -- RHB -- Rogers
McGregor -- CHB -- Clarke
Robertson -- OR -- McDonald
Forrest -- IR -- McClure
Granger -- CF -- Bollman
Stark -- IL -- Reilly
Maxwell -- OL -- Gibson
Goldie -- -- Andrews
Goals -- Granger, Stark, MacGregor. Referee -- James Walders, Philadelphia. Linesmen - -Rundel for Philadelphia, Turner for Bethlehem. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club