The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, October 6, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Bethlehem Soccer Team
The Bethlehem Steel soccer team is destined to have one of the greatest seasons ever. That is the general slant of the gossip heard since the opening of the American Soccer League season and the sensational cavorting of the Steel City booters. The team will make history, is the firm belief of the red hot loyals and others are joined in this belief. When Sam Fletcher, a former Bethlehem Steel player now doing managerial duty at Providence, remarks, "Boys, that club is the best in the league, the best, I mean, and not perhaps" it means something. And that is what Sam caroled after Bethlehem had dumped his ambitious clan last Sunday by the score of 3 to 1. Fletcher has seen them come and go, being probably one of the oldest of the star booters to invade this country who is still active in the game. Sam isn't handing anybody anything in the soccer line unless it is well merited.

Away to the Right Start
The team is away to just the kind of start that is necessary to forecast big things. Last season the club went through an experimental stage in early season and it was these setbacks that widened the gap in the race for the first place. Bethlehem could not overcome the bad start, but when the club was hitting on all six the players stepped out and grabbed the National championship, the most coveted honors of all. This year the club is away to a good start and that means something. True, the league race is still in its infancy. However, every other club, in the league race at this early stage has suffered on and more often two and more defeats. Bethlehem alone is undefeated.

A Feat Not to Be Overlooked
When Bethlehem defeated Providence on Sunday afternoon, only meager details of their success were available over the wires. There were many brilliant plays in that game and one accomplished in particular that is deserving of special mention. Dave Edwards, the new goalie, was the individual who proved his merit. He was not forced to handed the b all a lot, but when he did it was on shots that were labeled. One was a penalty kick saved by the goalie and successfully cleared.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club