The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 7, 1918
Game Was Played In Metropolis Yesterday -- Second Victory of Season for Locals
Ratican, Fleming and McKelvey Divided all the Points Made Between Themselves.

The Bethlehem F. C. added another lap its victorious gallop for the soccer honors of the country on Sunday afternoon, when the Steel Workers invaded enemy territory and returned on the end of the three goal to none score with the New York F. C., thereby annexing the second victory in as many games played.

The Steel Workers apparently have struck their stride, for reports from Lenox Oval, New York, state that the opposing combination fairly crumbled under the offensive of the visitors and from the opening minutes of play at no time was the result in doubt. It was partially feared that the men who were injected into the vacancies made by the loss of two star players would interfere with the scientific play developed by the Bethlehemites. Instead, however, they fit in capably and supplied the necessary cog to the well-working organization. The fact that the soccer champions of last season's campaign were the attraction had a tendency to bring out a large crowd.

The play opened in favor of the visitors, who rushed the home team off their feet in the first few minutes. So severe was the onslaught that the Gotham kickers, when they did retaliate, could not make much headway.

Fleming socketed the first goal after fifteen minutes of play. He took advantage of a weak clearance by Porter and crashed the ball into the goal. The referee, however, ruled that the ball had entered the side of the net.

Time and again Bethlehem was in a position to place the ball for a score, but the sphere went wide of the mark or was headed off by the goal tender. These efforts, however, did not discourage their attempts. The New Yorkers pulled together and O'Halloran had a fine chance, but Campbell robbed him in the nick of time. The Steel Workers returned the ball and a fine center play by McKelvey was spoiled through Fleming shooting yards wide. The home team swooped down the field in fine style, and for an instant the Bethlehem goal had a narrow escape. To Harry Ratican fell the honor of counting the first goal. From the goal kick Forrest obtained possession of the ball and putting a splendid pass ahead Bethlehem's sterling center had no difficulty in scoring the first goal thirty-five minutes from the kick-off.

Directly after, McKelvey executed a brilliant dribble for half the length of the field, but his final effort went past the post. New York made desperate efforts to draw level, but he defense of the Steel Workers was too good. Fletcher gave away a corner, but the free kick was cleared. O'Halloran tested Duncan, but the goalie fisted out easily. Just on half time New York redoubled its efforts and Koelsch all but got through.

Within a minute after the resumption Bethlehem worked the ball into the mouth of the home goal and Butler, giving Fleming a beautiful pass, the outside left made no mistake with his kick. New York gained some ground through a foul by Forrest on O'Halloran but the free kick went wide.

Bethlehem brought severe pressure on the Gothamites' goal, and bombarded it from all angles, but Porter was in brilliant form. Tilisch, the Norwegian with the crack reputation, was never allowed a chance to shine, Campbell completely upsetting this every movement. A few minutes later Campbell electrified the crowd by breaking clean through, sending in a crashing shot, which Porter did well to tip over the bar, and from the resultant corner, McKelvey headed the third goal.

At the close Bethlehem was all over the New Yorkers, but could not increase its lead.

The lineup:

Bethlehem -- New York
Duncan -- G -- Porter
Ferguson -- RFB -- Vandeweghe
Fletcher -- LFB -- Kelly
Kirkpatrick -- RHB -- Koehler
Campbell -- CHB -- Adamson
Butler -- LHB -- Petrie
McKelvey -- OR -- O'Halloran
Pepper -- IR -- Koelsch
Ratican -- C -- Tilisch
Forrest -- IL -- Young
Fleming -- OL -- Brierley
Referee -- T. Stark. Linesmen -- J. Ferro, New York, and W. Morrison, Bethlehem. Goals -- Ratican, Fleming, McKelvey. Halves of 45 minutes.

1918-1919 Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club