The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 7, 1918
Bethlehem Steel Will Play With New York Shipbuilders on Local Grounds
Forty-eight Clubs Have Now Been Entered for the Noted Trophy

At special meetings of the National Challenge Cup competition of the United States Football Association held in New York, and the American Football Association held in Newark, N. J., the principle business at both sessions was the draw for the first round. Manager Sheridan of the Bethlehem F. C attended the meeting of the American Association and on Sunday afternoon joined the Steel Workers in New York.

The first round of the National Cup must be played off on or before October 20. Forty-eight clubs are entered for the trophy. The draw resulted as follows:

First Round.

Eastern Pennsylvania -- Disston F. C. vs. Merchant Shipyard "B"; Hog Island F. C. vs. Merchant Shipyard "A"; Bethlehem Steel vs. New York Shipbuilding F. C.

Northern Massachusetts -- Fisk Red Top vs. Fore River F. C.; Boston Rovers vs. Merrimac Valley F.C.

Southern New England -- Pan-Americans vs. J & P Coats; Olneyville F. C. drew a bye.

Connecticut -- Swedish A. A. F. C. vs. American Hungarian F. C.

Illinois -- Bricklayers and Masons vs. American Hungarian F. C.

New York -- MacDuffs vs. New York F. C.; Morse Drydock vs. Standard Shipyard F. C.; Viking F. C. vs. Tebo F. C.; Robbins Drydock vs. Longfellow's F. C.; Chinese Students F. C. drew a bye.

New Jersey -- Federal Shipbuilding vs. Babcock and Wilcox; Swedish Athletic Club vs. Jersey A. C.; Scottish-Americans vs. Crescent F. A.; Kinley F. C. vs. Paterson F. C.; Teitjen and Lang Drydock drew a bye.

Second Round.

Western Pennsylvania -- Homestead Steel F. C. vs. Pittsburgh F. C.

Ohio -- Magyar-American F. C. vs. Hydraulic Pressed Steel Company; Goodrich F. C. vs. Goodyear F. C.

Michigan -- Solway F. S. vs. Roses F. C.; Corinthian F. C. vs. Detroit F. C.

Illinois -- Bricklayers and Masons or American-Hungarian F. C. vs. Lincoln Park F. C.; Harvey F. C. vs. Scottish-American F. C.

The first round of the American Cup competition must be played off on or before October 26 and 27. Twenty-five entries were received and the pairings resulted as follows:

Pennsylvania District -- Disston vs. Hog Island F. C.; Pusey & Jones vs. Merchants' Shipyard "B"; Bethlehem Steel Company vs. New York Ship F. C.; Merchants Shipyard "A" drew a bye.

New England District -- Fore River vs. Pan Americans; J & P Coats vs. Fisk Red Top.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut District -- Morse Drydock vs. Kinley F. C.; Paterson vs. New York; American A. A. vs. Robbins Drydock; Federal Ship F. C. vs. Standard Ship A. C.

The following drew byes: Babcock & Wilcox, Clan MacDuffs, Bunker Hill F. C., Scottish-Americans, Jersey A. C, Bridgeport City F. C.

1918-1919 Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club