The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 8, 1923
Great Work By Brooklyn's Goal Keeper Saved That Team From Defeat

Brilliant work by Surgener between the uprights prevented Bethlehem from winning from the Brooklyn Wanderers in the opening American League game in the latter city yesterday afternoon. A fusillade of shots were rained at the visitors' citadel but Surgener in one of the finest exhibitions of goal tending ever witnessed there frustrated all attempts and it was only due to his work that Bethlehem did not emerge the winner. However, Goldie did manage to drive one by with terrific force, equalizing the early lead established by the Wanderers. The game ended with the score one all.

While Bethlehem excelled in clever work that of the Wanderers was also worthy of favorable comment. Both teams set a fast pace at the opening but Brooklyn gradually assumed the offensive. Several times they worked the ball into the danger zone but the Bethlehem defense proved pretty hard to penetrate and thwarted their efforts.

After twenty minutes of play Docherty received a pass from Cosgrove and beat Carson all ends up. McKay put in some clever work at outside right, sending over many dangerous centers. Bethlehem stiffened up considerably toward half-time and should have equalized but W. Jackson missed badly three yards from goal, with only Surgener to beat.

After the interval Bethlehem played hard to et on even terms and 25 minutes had elapsed before Goldie brought the score level with a terrific shot from Terris' pass.

THE Steel Workers played for all they were worth to take the lead, but Surgener was in brilliant form between the uprights saving cleverly from Turner, Rattray and Goldie in succession.

Brooklyn put on a great spurt in the closing minutes but could not break through.

Wanderers Bethlehem
Surgener G Carson
Robertson RFB Young Hunt LFB Ferguson
Calderwood RHB McFarlane
Forrest -- CHB Carnihan
Nicol LHB Terris
Hogg OR A. Jackson
Cosgrove IR Rattray
Docherty CF W. Jackson
Curtis IL Turner
McKay OL Goldie
Referee C. E. Creighton. Linesmen W. Morrison and T. Smith. Goals Docherty and Goldie. Time of halves 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club