The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, October 8, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Fletcher's Sore Toe
It will be with general regret to the local soccer populace if Sam Fletcher, former Steel Worker, does not assume his regular place at a back position in the clash of the Whalers and Steel Workers on the local lot on Saturday afternoon. And there is hardly a chance in a hundred that he will be, for reports from Providence are that Sam recently underwent an operation for an infected toe and the injured member is still in a bad way. The old Bethlehem star who paired with Jock Ferguson when the Steelmakers were the outstanding outfit in the country, is a popular player and manager at Providence. Sam toured Sweden with the American team; was captain of the Newark team after leaving Bethlehem and at the start of the last season went to Providence. At the latter place he has made a fine record as a leader and developed a good eleven without the nucleus of old country stars. Sam favors the younger type of players and this season has brought out a well balanced team of youngsters.

The Veteran "Jock" Ferguson
"What's wrong with "Jock" Ferguson," we have been frequently asked. Not anything that we know of, only that "Jock" has about decided that in the long span of years in which he has been actively engaged in soccer he gave the best he had to the game and is now about ready to hang away his togs for good and all. "Jock" by the way, with "Whitey" Fleming and Sam Fletcher, are three of the original of the old Bethlehem Steel guards who were active in the game last season. In appreciation of his long services with the club the management has made him trainer of the club. In addition to this "Jock" has taken a special prepping in repairing tennis racquets and when not busy with his duties as a trainer can be found working on a racquet in his small but well and modernly equipped shop at the Steel gym. In an emergency "Jock" might be called upon again to don his soccer togs. That was the case last year and after such a game impressed to such an extent that he was used regularly. In the old country, if not mistaken, a benefit game is a show of appreciation for long and faithful service. Such a game in this country for players as popular as the elder Ferguson would undoubtedly bring out the soccer fans en masse.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club