The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, October 9, 1918
Soccer Notes

Little credit is given to the announcement made that the soccer team representing the Great Lake Naval Training Camp at Great Lakes, Ill., may play the Bethlehem F. C., in the near future. The announcement, according to reports was wired from Chicago last night when it was found that a number of star soccer players are members of the Great Lake squad. The Navy has adopted soccer on a big league scale. The result when those in charge of athletic training at the camp discovered that nine of the crack St. Louis professionals are in the squad and on that account the game this winter will be revived as a Major League sport.

When asked if it was possible to play this game, Manager Sheridan of the Bethlehem F. C. said, "I think the announcement is somewhat of a "feeler" to see how the Bethlehem F. C. feels about the matter. As far as Bethlehem playing the squad, the team would be only too glad. The schedules are all arranged and arranged in such a manner that the soccer playing will not interfere with the work of the players at the plant. The work of these players is the first consideration and for this reason games that require long trips are to be take. This reason alone would make it impossible to play the Great Lakes squad unless they come here for the contest. All of Bethlehem's games are scheduled at home for Saturday afternoon and the out-of-town games are scheduled on Sundays.

Since it is almost certain that the soccer game between Bethlehem and Bristol on Saturday afternoon cannot be staged in this city on account of the influenza ban, it is likely that the contest will be transferred to Bristol. If this proves to be the final arrangements there will be great joy in the ship builders' camp, as they have long expressed the desire to have the first of the Bethlehem series played at Bristol.

The next three games Bethlehem will take part in, will be against shipyard teams, and all games will be hard ones. The shipyard teams have been able to get players from all over the country.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club