The Globe – South Bethlehem
Tuesday, October 10, 1916 – page 1
To Meet Strongest Clubs in New York and New England States. Test for Champions.

Bethlehem Steel company soccer team will leave South Bethlehem tomorrow, 8:55 a.m. for New York and the New England states, where it will play three of the strongest clubs in that district.

Thursday, October 12, which is a holiday in that part of the country, the national champion will clash with New Bedford F. C. This club has gathered a strong aggregation of soccer stars including Boyd and Harrison, of last season’s Fore River team, and several other well known players.

Friday, October 13, the steel team will play the Pan American team of Fall River, and immediately after the game will leave for Pawtucket, R. I., where it will line up against the J & P Coats team of that city, on Saturday, October 14.

The playing of three games in three days will be a real test to the champions and arrangements have been made whereby the scores each day will be sent to the Western Union office, main street, Bethlehem immediately after the games.

The following players in charge of Business Manager Trend, will make the trip: Duncan, Ferguson, Fletcher, Spalding, Campbell, Morrison, Murray, Clarke, Kirkpatrick, McKelvey, Pepper, Ratican, Forrest, Fleming, Butler and Trainer Machen.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club